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Change My Software Android Installer For Apple Ios 11. The update is currently rolling out and is available both over-the-air in the Settings app, and by plugging.

In this article we will tell you how to install iOS software on Android. Here are the complete details about installation: Most people are fascinated by iOS, the operating system of Apple who has lately created a stir in the Smartphone and tablet markets.

In fact, an Apple device is most coveted, but people do not have much access to devices under this umbrella because of the exorbitant prices. But there isn’t much difference between the look of an Android OS and an Apple OS!

The major and most obvious difference is pertaining to the notification box-in android you drag it; in iOS you double tap it. Installation of Apple iOS 7 User Interface with iOS7 UI Launcher The iOS 7 UI launcher is a paid application, and you can get it from the Google Play store for 2.05 dollars only! The application will turn your existing android phone to that resembling iOS 7.


It can let you download Live Wallpaper, and you might even customize the launcher logo if you wish to. Process of installation • The first step is downloading the iOS7 UI Launcher from Play Store paying $2.05 or even you may download it for free form. • After having done so you may now transfer it to your SD card and run it on your Android.

If you are downloading directly from Smartphone it will start installing automatically on it. • After the installation is done you press on the home button. Two options will appear- one the usual launcher and other the iLauncher. • Choose the Launcher and select ‘ always’ for making it as a default browser or press it just once’.

• After installing the iPhone style launcher on your Android device now you can download the iOS software on your android. Installation of iOS 7 with Nova Launcher The iOS 7 has been recently launched in the market and has a lot of advanced and innovative features. The OS is also supplied with a completely renewed design that has found a liking in many of the Android users. So Google’s mobile platform has been good for most of the android users because it allows a lot of customization in terms of theme packages that give close looks to that of Apple’s latest Smartphone devices.

The aid of Nova Launcher has allowed one user, named shmogt, to create an application that can change the look of an Android interface to that resembling apple interface. Presently the Jelly Bean OS (jbOS7) is applied to Samsung Galaxy S3 but you may have this app on other devices too!

Apart from all the conventional background images and application buttons, jbOS7 offers a new locking screen that gives an option of two home screens for live applications. This lock screen is very close to the one that exists in the Apple screens, and the primary screen has options like weather information that is displayed on the screen itself.

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The secondary screen serves the purpose of displaying all the other calendar applications like appointments and events in simple terms. This simplifies the gathering of information and both the screens are accessed rather simply. This package can be derived from Dropbox, and there you may also get features like UCCW, fonts, icons and re-sized wallpapers.

The font serves when there is a necessity for extension because the default font cannot be changed by the application. Yet all jbOS7 has a default android font that is applicable to all. You ought to feel that the icon folder looks somewhat empty but since the owner is facing some copyright problem he has kept it empty.

However, it is also not needed for installing iOS theme on your android device. Reference: • • •.