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Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Dvdrip Torrent Download Rating: 3,6/5 1179 votes

Description: The two Jedi escape the enemy blockade find allies and encounter a young boy who can bring balance to the Force, but a long rest Sith resurfacing September skates back to its former glory. Review: Of course, this film is a ton of hype and this film can live up to all this. Yada yada yada. Even assuming that this film was a little disappointed. This film proves that not only special effects that make fun of Star Wars look. If George Lucas was so happy with what he can do with CGI effects, he forgot what made the original trilogy so much what is written and the characters. This is not a bad movie, but the problems are many.-Many people have forgiven this movie to be boring because they say that this is only the first of another trilogy and it's fair to apply immediately.

False false false, the film was supposed to be his first movie the other three films were. You have to have good characters and a very interesting story. It didnt.-conflict story revolves around trade dispute and the fate of the planet Naboo. A person cares about that? The details of the dispute are unclear and reveals not generate enough real interest for us to root for one side; special. The main conflict of Darth Sideous and ascension keep away the background. We still do not know why the Jedi Darth Maul hate so much.


He just did it. Maybe Lucas wanted Darth Maul to be a bit like Boba Fett (silent and mysterious). He worked with Boba Fett, because he was only a supporting character, not the main villain. This movie is not really a bad light.

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The pirate bay se torrent. I wish someone would have the courage and just told Lucas that his basic story is lousy.-Nobody seemed particularly happy in this film. Qui-Gon is really the only character that can be connected and even that is a long way. Acts like a queen mannequin in many of his scenes (and looks like one).

Obi-Wan Kenobi through the entire movie in vain and never says anything interesting. The characters never seem to talk about anything but what's a plot (unlike the first film).

C-3PO and R2-D2 are pretty useless. The Jedi Council has a very cold and buracratic. I will never understand why they wrote Annakin as a major school kid in this movie. Supposed to be a teenager. His scenes with the queen were cumbersome. Not even going to discuss other things. Zest Jar.Various-midochlorians work seems just been nailed.

The humor falls flat, unless you're a child. Annakin destroyed a cargo ship at the end and everyone safves primarily by mistake! ILM and George Lucas seems to be so happy with their new toys CGI spend 95% of their time to improve. Frankly, I thought the FX in Return of the Jedi were sharper and sizes and less comical. None of this seems to be happening here memorable. This film may have never been as good as the hype, but it could easily be much better than that. I waited so long for this film, but the first time I saw this movie really annoyed me in the middle of it.There are good times.