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• Rao CHAMPAJI,1 st Thakur Sahib of Kaparda 1416/1466; brother of Rao JODHA, founder of. • Rao BHAIRODASJI of Kaparda 1466/1520 • Rao JAISAJI of Kaparda and Ransingaon • Rao MANDANJI of Ransingaon • Rao GOPAL DASJI of Ransingaon, died 1606. Game petualangan naruto shippuden pc download. • Rao BALLUJI of Harsola • Rao DUDAJI of Balotra (1664) • Thakur JASWANT SINGH of Singari (1672) and Dhandiyan (1708) • Thakur GUMAN SINGH of Singari • Thakur SAYAB SINGH • Thakur CHAIN SINGH • Thakur RAJ SINGH • Thakur NAHAR SINGH, founder of Bajekan-Dhingsara () (continued below) Ballu Champawat Rathore of Harsolaw Ballu Champawat Rathore of Harsolaw Ballu Champawat Rathore (A.D. 1591-1644), of Harsolaw in was a dauntless warrior of the period. He had a glorious line of ancestry.

He was a man of sterling qualities, and of unimpeachable character. In him there was a confluence of the streams of valor and self-respect; both flowed together plenteously in him. He had fought 34 battles in his career. But these battles alone were not enough to put him among the worthies of history. What gave him an abiding place in history was his miraculous valor, demonstrated by him at the in July, 1644.

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On 25 th July, 1644, an exciting event had occurred in the imperial court at. Mir Bakshi Salabat Khan had uttered a provocative remark to, which stirred up his feelings to a fever pitch; and he spontaneously thrust his dagger in the chest of Salabat Khan, the latter died on the spot.

To take vengeance on Amar Singh, the Emperor's security officers, guards and mace bearers, made a ruthless assault upon him, and a gruesome fight had started. Amar Singh offered a tough resistance, but he was soon overpowered by the Emperor's men, and finally was slain. To recover the dead body of Amar Singh, laid in the Emperor's custody, was a mighty challenge before Ballu Champawat. At that crucial moment, Ballu had displayed rare qualities of fidelity, honor and bravery which made him a figure of high regard. Nothing daunted Ballu, he entered into the Agra Fort, hurriedly picked up the corpse, or the severed head, and put it on horseback; pressed his thighs in sudden quick pull, and gave a twitch to the horse.

The horse in quickness, with the speed of a bullet, dashed, and leapt over the ramparts; it fell by the sight of the, where it breathed its last. Ballu had carried out his plan successfully; brought the corpse or the severed head of from the jaws of death; and handed over the same to his 'ranies' (wives) who were waiting for it in order to become '. Ballu's valorous feat was unparalleled in the historical records of the world. This incident had happened on 26 th July, 1644. To avenge his (Rao ) death, his retainers, headed by Ballu Champawat., put on their saffron garments, and a fresh carnage ensued within the 'Lal Quila' (Red Fort of Agra).