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Note - the links on this page lead to the reference, where I explain the terms that might be unfamilar to you. Thursday 01/25/96: When something doesn't work out, it blows the significance of event out of proportion, so I feel bad. If I succeed at something, entropy immediately tries to downplay the importance and usefulness of achievement. (This is how I can lose the satisfaction from buying things or getting something done). Tuesday 02/13/96 Realization - when I think about something sad and then tell myself: 'Let's change the subject', the thoughts remain sad - because I changed subject, but not my state of mind!

Thus, the first thing I have to do is break the state - then I'll be able to think of something more fun. Otherwise I get stuck in worries. Wednesday 02/14/96 I've set some goals for myself, now moving toward them. Came up with a way to deal with user's complaints - put them in a stack and get to them once the major projects are completed. Otherwise they distract me, the realization that I distracted will affect my mood and I won't reach the bigger goals. Thursday 02/15/96 Need a special technique against overwhelming.

If I am attacked from several sides in a short period of time, I lose it. Ideas: 1) Priority - if new one is urgent, immediately make the others low prior and stop thinking about them. 2) Define a separate confidence (apart from 'good mood anchor'). 3) Use a cassette to get back to normal 4) Metaphor: goal is a far away source of light at the end of the corridor; challenges are little obstacles on the way - it's dark, so every time I jump over a barrier, I realize that I got closer to the goal. The distractions are the silly pictures on the wall which I lit up with my flashlight now and then.

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Tuesday 02/20/96 Idea - words carry both informational and emotional content. Being able to separate them, as well as seeing other person's intent is extremely useful. Thursday 02/22/96 One more - since singing is like breathing exercise, try to sing when out of air - see what happens.

* Anytime you have to choose between solving immediate problem and, DO IP! It will even help you solve the challenge faster.

And you'll get a lot more pleasure out of doing it. On the other hand, if you rush thru challenges in bad state, solving them won't improve a thing. And more general idea: - feeling good while trying to solve the challenge is THE way, because it will let you keep on it longer.

Vasilj bika nezagojnaya rana sachinenne. Le torrent anne hebert pdf. * idea - apply the idea 'enjoy the process' to downloading long files. Friday 02/23/96 More on the subject of 'Methods of Entropy' Personal Entropy (who's goal is chaos and severing the connection with the Universal Mind) makes the task seem harder than it is, while I'm thinking about it. If the task is solvable, Entropy introduces doubts about it's usefulness. If those doubts are also resolved, P.E. Begins to refer to other people's opinions: 'This is how they can object to your idea'.