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• Leading Global Recognition The CFA ® charter is the most recognized investment credential in the world with five decades of respected history. • Benchmark for Recruitment Employers regard the CFA ® charter as a desirable and increasingly essential credential. • Graduate Level Curriculum The program provides a solid grounding in investment analysis and portfolio management skills. Car audio amp rack.

• Equipped for Analysis and Decision-Making The CFA ® charter equips its holders with the most required skills in the fast-evolving global financial industry. • Proven financial acumen Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of in-demand know-how. Level I CFA ® exam focuses on a basic knowledge of investment tools, along with some analysis. • Ethical & Professional Standards Exam Weight: 15% • Quantitative Methods Exam Weight: 12% • Economics Exam Weight: 10% • Financial Reporting & Analysis Exam Weight: 20% • Corporate Finance Exam Weight: 7% • Equity Investments Exam Weight: 10% • Fixed Income Exam Weight: 10% • Derivatives Exam Weight: 5% • Alternative Investments Exam Weight: 4% • Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning Exam Weight: 7%. Level CFA ® II exam further emphasizes analysis along with application of investment tools and concepts. • Ethical & Professional Standards Exam Weight:10-15% • Quantitative Methods Exam Weight: 5-10% • Economics Exam Weight: 5-10% • Financial Reporting & Analysis Exam Weight: 15-20% • Corporate Finance Exam Weight: 5-15% • Equity Investments Exam Weight: 15-25% • Fixed Income Exam Weight: 10-20% • Derivatives Exam Weight: 5-15% • Alternative Investments Exam Weight: 5-10% • Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning Exam Weight: 5-10%. Combine effective study materials, expert instruction, and a final review to provide you with maximum confidence for exam day.

Ensure you are prepared for the CFA Level II exam by using a Kaplan Schweser study package. Combine our Core learning tools with Instruction from experienced CFA. May 11, 2018 - intensive 4-day BootCamp for the June CFA® exam. Study materials, which include Schweser Notes Volumes 1 - 5, Schweser QuickSheet, Practice. Joining Creighton's faculty in 2012, she taught at Samford University.

With the Online Weekly Class led by CFA charterholders you will get the flexibility to prepare from the comfort of your home or office with the same material at the same pace and frequency as our classroom sessions. Your PremiumPlus™ Package includes: • Highest quality material: we have partnered with Schweser to ensure that you receive the best preparation out there for your CFA® exam. Schweser instructors and content experts have designed a suite of proven exam prep study materials to sharpen, train, and perfect your exam-taking skillset under any conditions. • SchweserNotes™ Volumes 1-5 clear, concise study notes and examples that cover every LOS.

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Available in Printed and eBook format. • Getting Started Guide • Self-Test Assessments • Live Online Class (Weekly): attend at your own convenience, live or recorded.

• On-Demand Video Lectures designed to be viewed prior to the Weekly Classes, covering every LOS. • Schweser Workbook Slides: designed to help you follow your in-class instruction and are an indispensable tool for your exam preparation and revision. • QuickSheet: study tool that summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts. • Practice Exams: 6 full-length practice exams to apply your learning. • SchweserPro™ QBank: to quiz yourself and build custom exams based on LOS. • Online Performance Tracker: compare your scores to others and identify opportunities to improve.