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Sep 05, 2014  [Gamemode] [MTA] - United Gaming Roleplay Script Note: No support will be given on the files form here on out! Most of the commands and scripts are working server side anyways and you can edit those scripts. Also, I've started a server without editing the callRemotes out, it started just fine.;) 19-03-14 #6.

Welcome to MTA:Scripts Hello and welcome to MTA:Scripts! We are small website that started in which very few gamemods to sell, which now expanded to various gamemods, scripts and services available for you! At the moment we offer scripts and gamemods along side FREE HELP AND SUPPORTto any script/gamemod bought from us! Braun type 4169 hand blender manual cordless vacuum.

We also sometimes take small scripts requests for small prices. If you wish to make a purchase, make sure you have an account (you can register one by pressing 'Register' from top right) and add the script/gamemod/service you want to your cart and make the payment! After that send us a message via the 'Contact Us' page with the name of the product you bought, and your PayPal name! You will then get your product within a few hours if not less!

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us and we will help you FREE OF CHARGE! >> Please read the before buying! Very Important After buying a gamemode that you like, YOU HAVE TO send a message via 'Contact Us' page!

You have to mention the name from your PayPal account, e.g: Richard Willis, the name of the script you purchased and the date of the purchase! Also mention your Hotmail, Yahoo or Skype ID, so we can contact you and make the transaction. You will have to do those things so you avoid any problems. P.S: Some people might think that this is a scam. Well, if one person buys from here, and it was a scam, we could get a bad reputation, and a future client could change his mind about us, and we SURELY don't want this to happen. Our testing service has been canceled due to attacks on our testing server IP! We are really sorry but testing a gamemode is not possible anymore!

Also for any other scripts feel free to contact us! >> Please read the before buying!

Here is a list of FREE Resources/Scripts for download: NEVER PAY FOR STOLEN or LEAKED SCRIPTS Resources / Gamemodes • Owl Gaming + UCP: 107MB • United Gaming + UCP: 53.8MB • Arsenic Gaming: 44.2MB • WSS:RPG: 106MB • CSG:RPG (db included): 101.3MB • Wtf Gamemode(race mod): 1MB • Reckless Gamers Mod(race mod): 92.3MB • Fort Carson Roleplay 1.2: 53.5MB • Showdown Gaming: 11.5MB • Valhalla Gaming: 33.2MB • Asylium Gaming: 34.9MB • Voltage Gaming: 24.6MB • SAUR 2.0 FIXED Version: 21.1MB • DayzMTA 0.96a (100% lua version) (GITHUB): Scripts • Slotmachine Mod: 3.9MB.