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Our tokamak department is directly involved in their regular courses, and also considerably invests into working with doctoral students from CTU, Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) and other Czech Universities. The Institute of Plasma Physics of CAS is a member of the European consortium for fusion education FuseNet. Door: , 13:43:01 Buy Tamoxifen 20 Mg viagra cialis Comprar Levitra Contra Reembolso Le Viagra En Libre Door: Naga , 12:34:48 comment6, https.

It is changed to high degree with new camouflage effect. However, high trained mercs will always be one of hardest enemies to fight against. Also, when you get spoted by one merc, all squad is aware of your position. (npc_help in scripts). You got very tinny bit of time to kill some NPC before he alert all other of your presence. Often, when whole NPC squad is alerted, they throw grenades on your position and suppressive fire, while others try to flank you.

Sometimes it can be quite stupid from NPC as they try to shoot trough walls, making you thinking that they can see you trough walls, while they were just informed about your presence from some other NPC that have you on sight. Something else that also should be put in consideration is that eyesight is not only sense that NPCs have. If you are close to them, they can hear your footsteps and wepon reloading/fire sounds too. It is ungrateful from me to talk about it, I will just quote Plaargath's feedback from his latest playtrough and camouflage observations: 'I'm not sure 100% from the technical point of view, but probably it's this one that made playing at night more diverse than I remembered. It was nice to see that not always I'm being spotted by an NPC in the middle of a rainy night from another end of a map.

It made playing in Pripyat more fun - I could have a justified hope that I can sneak on some monolithians and I tried playing with different tactics - it was really cool to play like that, sometimes even being 100% successful with a stealh, and being discovered by NPCs at moments that I couldn't fully learn to anticipate. A great change!' I am going to say about the ai with his aim and this is a complex idea and i dont want say that you need to add it but its just an idea.

Head Tel.: (+420) 266 053 947 E-mail: Fax: (+420) 286 586 389 Deputy head Tel.: (+420) 266 053 395 E-mail: Fax: (+420) 286 586 389 Secretary Tel.: (+420) 266 053 574 E-mail: Fax: (+420) 286 586 389 Research focus Research in the Tokamak department is pursued in topics that are directly linked to the international long-term efforts into mastering thermonuclear fusion. Fusion presents environmentally acceptable and practically inexhaustible energy source for future generations. Experimental research in the department is based on use of the national facility the COMPASS Tokamak that full started operation in 2012. Besides we also regularly participate in experimental work of many other European facilities including, e.g. And as a member of the. Our experimental and theoretical work is dedicated in particular to the three following fields Core and edge plasma physics • Transitions between low and high confinement modes • Studies of Edge Localised Modes (ELMs), their control and comparison with models • Turbulences in tokamak plasmas and particle transport • Resonant Magnetic Perturbation technique as a method of the ELM suppression • MHD instabilities • Disruptions and runaway electrons Development of advanced diagnostic methods • Advanced electric probes for characterisation of the edge plasma (incl. American psycho musical script.