Lagu Cinta Kita Shireen Sungkar Feat Teuku Wisnu Dan

Lagu Cinta Kita Shireen Sungkar Feat Teuku Wisnu Dan Rating: 3,9/5 3330 votes

Teuku Wisnu Ft Shireen Sungkar - Cinta Kita Ringtone, download International style ringtone to your mobile. Shireen Sungkar - Cinta Kita Lirik ' Cinta Kita ' dari Shireen Sungkar, Teuku Wisnu ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 8 April 2010 (9 tahun yang lalu). Lagu ini ada di dalam album Grown Up yang didistribusikan oleh label Nagaswara.

The great success achieved by sineteron 'Cinta Fitri' as sineteron who occupy the top level in the ranks of favorite sineteron in Indonesia, making the cast and crew involved in sineteron was so happy. Not only that, now Sineteron 'Cinta Fitri' has had his own soundtrack albums which were sung by the players. And on Sunday, March 18, 2010 yesterday, Shireen Sungkar along with Teuku Wisnu doing making a video clip for the soundtrack of 'Cinta Fitri' entitled 'Cinta Kita'. 'Today I'm in the manufacture of Video Clips 'Cinta Kita' feat Teuku Wisnu. Thank God we finally made a video clip is also biased. We are pleased with the existence of this album also create a new color in our sineteron aja.

'Said Shireen Sungkar. Could a duet in the song 'Cinta Kita' Of course provides an incomparable pride for Shireen and Teuku Wisnu. Blank mazok na stepenj chistoti. Moreover filming this video directly handled by the famous director Rizal Mantovani class 'A hell tersendri pride for me and Shireen. And we both have never filmed together with Rizal, and we are proud mas can be mas Rizal Direct direct same, 'said Teuku Wisnu.

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