Hl 340 Usb To Serial Driver Ubuntu

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Hl 340 usb serial driver ubuntu

Download the latest drivers for your USB-SERIAL CH340 to keep your Computer up-to-date. Jun 25, 2015 - Bug 1235715 - USB serial DB9 adapter with ch340 chip is recognized but not working. 015: ID 1a86:7523 QinHeng Electronics HL-340 USB-Serial adapter. Kernel 4.8.0-0.rc7.git0.1.fc25.x86_64 USB-Serial Adapter driver:.

Posting this in case it is useful to others. The answer turns out to be that I needed the kmod-usb-serial-ch341 kernel package: opkg install kmod-usb-serial-ch341 The HL-340 is a CH 340 compatible device. Once the ch341 driver is installed the nano appears as /dev/ttyUSB0 and defaults to 115200 baud. Tiraniya slov styuart chejz fb2. From dmesg [ 20.000000] usbcore: registered new interface driver ch341 [ 20.000000] usbserial: USB Serial support registered for ch341-uart [ 20.010000] ch341 1-1.2:1.0: ch341-uart converter detected [ 20.040000] usb 1-1.2: ch341-uart converter now attached to ttyUSB0.