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Making this thread because my other Half-Life thread is mostly derailed/general HLDC modding thread now. But it's probably the best documentation of GoldSRC reamcast on the internet, though unorganized I'm going to try to keep this short and to the point and try to evade reiterating things said many times throughout the other thread -------------------------------------------------------------------- Requesting that someone with the time and ability cleanly port Half-Life SDK engine extension DLLs (hl.dll/game.dll and client.dll) *cleanly* to Windows CE and *cleanly* compile it with the Windows CE SDK for Dreamcast These DLLs add all of the new functions and features for each Half-Life mod. For example, the 'buy' menu in Counter-Strike, or class selection in Team Fortress Classic. The scope of exapandability for these DLLs seems to be near limitless, see this video for example With extensive research of console commands, and examination of HLDC's binary disassembly, it looks like the ability for the loading of these extensions is plausible. But remains untested because the full HLSDK has never been ported to Windows CE cleanly A user 'Moi' from dcemulation.org ported the source for 'hl.dll', only one of the two DLLs, many years ago which I have the source code for. But he said he used many hacks to simply get it to compile. Cl_dlls client.dll ScreenShake ScreenFade D: proj halflifedc src engine eng_cdll_int.c gecid fbighjhgijfg feffffffbe dcdfbc Half-Life -stdvid -nolan -nosound -nocdaudio -nojoy -nomouse -dibonly registered cmdline sizebuf SZ_GetSpace: Tried to write to an uninitialized sizebuf_t SZ_GetSpace: overflow without allowoverflow set SZ_GetSpace:%i is > full buffer size SZ_GetSpace: overflow COM_FileBase passed a null!

-safe -rogue -hipnotic filelog%.2f%.2f%.2f PC action.log Opened%s from%s: offset%d, size%d, seek%d COM_FindFile: both phFile and file set COM_FindFile: neither phFile or file set%s/%s Current search path:%s (%i files) COM_WriteFile: failed on%s COM_WriteFile:%s COM_ExpandFilename: can't find%s D: proj halflifedc src engine eng_common.c COM_LoadFile: bad usehunk COM_LoadFile: not enough space for%s fflush COM_LoadFileLimit: invalid seek position for%s COM_LoadFileLimit: not enough space for%s LoadLimit: I say, old chap, your screwed! No bytes read COM_LoadBlock: NULL buffer COM_LoadBlock: size zero COM_LoadBlock: Can't open file%s is not a packfile%s has%i files *gamedir%s/pak%i.pak valve -basedir -cachedir -game -path Couldn't load packfile:%s -proghack COM_ListMaps is, um, non-trivial when abbreviated pak-names are involved. SKYBOX c: hllog.txt Customization Can't use a key with a model topcolor bottomcolor Can't use keys or values with a Can't use keys or values with a ' Keys and values must be.