Crack Carte Sd Navteq On Board

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Didn't quite work for me. When doing step 3 I got the 2nd message and then another about data being pulled to a location on the USB. I continued on following the steps though. The.lyc file was already in the license folder but I copied over it just to stay with the directions.

Safari contains advanced AccuTerra® on-board mapping with 500ft topographic contours, land use shading, primary and secondary NAVTEQ® road network, lakes. One Micro SD Digital Card slot: Up to 32 GB. PC Serial Data Cable.

Navteq onboard digital maps

When plugging back in the USB I didn't get a message but the infotanment system did go black and reboot and I removed the USB. Auto macro recorder free. The system was then at the main menu and I inserted the SD card but got no message and when I go to the navi I still get the 'Your Mazda is not equipped with a navigation system.' Only other difference was that my SD card is formatted in exFAT due to being 64GB. I can try to reformat in FAT32 with a third party program if you think this was the issue. Also, are the files in the SD card supposed to be in root or in the BHP1 66 EZ1C folder?