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Contents • • • • • • • • Information • Preferred PAL Mode: Any (automatic TV mode detection). • Display mode: 480p, 480i, 576i • Software Type: Emulation • Support for zipped (.zip) roms • Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulation with sound • Freeze State support (load & save) • Automatic SRAM/FreezeState • SRAM/RTC support (load & save) • RTC synchro • Support for 8MB roms • Support for alternate Mono Gameboy palettes Installation • Rename gnuboy_wii.dol to boot.dol and place it on your SD card with included meta.xml and icon.png files (/apps/gnuboy) • Create the Directory /gnuboy at the root of your SD Card. • Create the directory /gnuboy/roms on your SD Card and copy your ROM files (.zip,.gb &.gbc) there. There's a limit of 1000 files per directory. • The ROMs can be placed on DVD-/+R (4.7GB max size) but need to install the on your Wii. More infos on • /gnuboy/saves is automatically created if it does not exist on your SD card.

Visual Boy Advance GX 2.2.2 - Game Boy/Game Boy Advance Emulator for Wii/GameCube. FCE Ultra GX Channel Installer 1.1. A port of GnuBoy.

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Perfect uninstaller key • Select Load New Game from the Main Menu to load a ROM. • Select Play Game from the Main Menu to begin playing the game. Controls In Menu + Action / or / / or / or Items selection Up/Down or or or or or Select a menu item or or Previous menu File selector menu + Action / or / / or / or Display the selected entry's full filename / or / / or / or Select previous/next file / / / / Down/Up one full page Quit the file selection menu or or Up one directory or or Load the selected file or enter the selected directoy Game Controls The controls can't be changed.