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Your Box Set Pet: The Complete Recordings 1980-1984 is a new three CD box set featuring the output of early eighties new wave band Bow Wow Wow. Bow Wow Wow was put together by Malcolm McLaren in 1980 and featured former members of and the unknown Annabella Lwin. The band would go on to produce three studio albums, with 1980’s tape-only Your Cassette Pet – their first and only album on EMI (they switched to RCA thereafter).

Elektrizaciya vred i poljza. Find Lil' Bow Wow discography, albums and singles on AllMusic.

Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy! Was the second album (released in 1981) and contains the UK top ten hit Go Wild In The Country. The third and final long-player When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going, was issued in 1983. Between the second and the third record came two EPs ( Last of the Mohicans and Teenage Queen) and the compilation album I Want Candy. This three-CD box set purports to be the ‘complete’ recordings, rounding up tracks from albums, EPs, flexi-discs and including alternative versions, B-sides, remixes – the lot. Your Box Set Pet: The Complete Recordings of Bow Wow Wow comes in a clam shell style box set with the CDs in card replicas of the original releases.

It will be released on 25 May 2018 via Cherry Red. “I wantthis Box Set! I wantthis Box Set!” As graceful and easy-on-the-eyes that Annabella is (notice, I said’IS’; not ‘was’), Bow Wow Wow’s discography, on the other (grace-LESS) hand, has always sickened one to even LOOK at for too long. Very inconsistent and confusing. Just two proper albums with a bunch of EPs (“I Want Candy” on practially each and every one of them) in-between (and, before that, a strictly-cassette EP along with a seperate – first ever – cassette single to go with it).

This recent ‘Pet’ is what the Doctor ordered! Yes, “Cast Iron Arm” SHOULD be included in this along with that between-tracks instrumental from their strictly-cassette debut; but my awesome ELO compliation doesn’t include “Fire On High” and I’m – no pun – (still) Alive! No real sweat! Not most underrated band of the ’80s, but how about one of the most underrated bands EVER? “Swimming in the Sounds of Bow Wow Wow” – excellent lyrical delicacy delivered by Anthony.


It’s like you’re “swimming” in a different and quite timelessly interesting world listening to these four. It’s been said that no band at all sounds quite like Steely Dan. So true, but same goes for BWW.

Tp link tl wn722n driver android download. Maybe Adam Ant sounds a bit like them (like Weather Report may sound a bit like SD) and for good reason if you know the history of both, but a unique one-of-a-kind entity just the same. Matthew Ashman’s White Falcon setting the spaghetti western and/or cali-surf and/or “something-else” altogether ‘atmosphere’ (whatever he chooses at the moment) for his bandmates to perform in. Frusciante amongst many others seeing him as a major influence, rightfully comparing him to other super-greats like Steve Howe and Steve Hackett. Then you got the not-too-far-from-Jaco, Leigh Gorman, at bass. His playing on “W.O.R.K”, for one, has the coming-of-Flea written all over it.

David Barbarossa an African percussion machine. I would have loved to hear him do his own version of Blakey’s ‘Orgy in Rhythm’. And last but not least, you gotMyant Myant Aye! Not sure the exactitude of exploitation (I’m sure it was badly intended), but with her rock-solid Buddhist upbringing, she was able to keep head above water and gracefully be a lead singer/performer despite no real previous training.