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Is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Below you can find a list of categories with some of the activities available in that category. • computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, different mouse gesture, • arithmetic: table memory, enumeration, double entry table, mirror image, • science: the canal lock, the water cycle, the submarine, electric simulation • geography: place the country on the map • games: chess, memory, connect 4, oware, sudoku • reading: reading practice • other: learn to tell time, puzzle of famous paintings, vector drawing, cartoon making, Currently GCompris offers in excess of 100 activities and more are being developed. Nfs porsche unleashed xp fix patch reviews. GCompris is free software, that means that you can adapt it to your own needs, improve it and, most importantly, share it with children everywhere. If you prefer to not use the store, or if you only want the free demo version, you can still download it from our, and to unlock all the activities.

The store is just one more way to distribute GCompris, and to provide some income to support the project. As usual, the full version is free on Free-Software operating systems like GNU/Linux, but for proprietary operating systems like Windows, the full version has a cost. Of course, the source code of GCompris is and will always be under a Free-Software license. Note: the package on the store contains the version using the software renderer instead of OpenGL, since it’s the only way we have for now to make sure it will work on any computer. If you really want the version using OpenGL, get it from our. Posted on by Posted in Tagged,, Posts navigation.

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