Huawei P6 U06 Firmware

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Huawei P6-U06 Update Firmware Flash File 100% Tested Download for your device. This is an amazing tool that you can everything work this solution to use like as remove pin lock, pattern lock removes, Pin lock remove, IMEI problem, hang on log etc. Huawei EDGE-C00. P6-U06__Firmware_Middle_East_Channel_Android 4.2.2_EMUI

The wait is over for the Ascend P6 owners who were waiting for the Android 4.4 KitKat update for Huawei’s most popular smartphone Ascend P6. After numerous push backs and false promises Huawei released the Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware update today for the Chinese Unicom Ascend P6 owners.

Its not available yet for the international version of the phone but if you are reading this post we guess you most likely know your way around when it comes to flashing custom ROM’s and installing official firmwares. As we said earlier this firmware is intended for China, but its compatible with your international Ascend P6-U06 with few quirks such as Google Apps not being installed by default. This firmware comes with Emotion UI2.0 like we predicted before and we think its because Huawei wasn’t able to finalize EMUI2.3 at the right time to release with this update. Here are the details of this new firmware Device – Ascend P6-U06 Region – China (Unicom) Firmware version – B506 Kernel version – 3.0.8-00771 Android version – 4.4.2 Emotion UI version – 2.0 Google Apps included – NO Languages included – Chinese,English (confirmed) Release date – March 31,2014 Size – 811MB Along with the Android 4.4.2 this new firmware includes some new software additions unique to the Emotion UI2.0 which you might have already experienced if you have used the leaked KitKat ROM and If you aren’t here’s the full Huawei changelog translated to English. You can upgrade to this new firmware by using Huawei’s default method and according to Huawei this upgrade can be done from any current official firmwares.

Read this guide for full documentation about default Huawei way of upgrading firmwares – Google apps can be flashed later via TWRP or such recovery and we will update this post later with compatibility of available TWRP recovery images. We don’t have any news about a release date of international KitKat firmwares but if you are interested in that keep visiting this web site. Please leave your comments about this firmware below and it will be helpful for the other readers including us. Link to Huawei’s firmware release page (Chinese) – Download link –. Sam March 31, 2014 at 7:00 pm Huawei my question is only china people have given money to buy this phone? What about us? We are fool to buy this phone in international market?

You should have sell this only in china if you cannot provide update for international market.!! Really its not fair better we would have buy any other brands.!! Why dont you announced that this kitkat update is only for china internationally it wont be released for lifetime.fedup of reading news for such a long time. Mansoor April 1, 2014 at 12:21 am Successfully install B506-Kitkat over B132 firmware on P6-U06. I was afraid of loosing Google Apps and don’t like to install any recovery on my phone, But thanks God, after installing my all users files, apps (including google apps) and system settings were there. I don’t know that whether this update includes Google Apps or not, but this does save users files, apps, and system settings. I just have to re-configure my email account (not Gmail) again.

Still exploring, will update you later. Zeeshan April 17, 2014 at 7:45 am Dear Mansoor, it’s great you install it kitkat 4.4.2 on your P6 i asked you few question. In which country you buy your P6 cell phone? You Download kitkat 4.4.2 on this link??

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Huawei p6 u06 firmware download

You say after installations your cell phone working fine its good but your Google apps (google store) is working fine??? And other already apps like whatsapp, viber, and skype is working fine?? And after installations your cell phone is running fine like no heatup issue???

Your response in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Zeeshan •. Erkki April 12, 2014 at 6:36 am Well Huawei has really fd up these updates. Their support is poor, i think theyve got a bot answering questions about international upgrades as the answer was “ask your service provider”. That makes no sense, as they are doing the coding. Samsung phones have had shitty support but atleast it has usually been a years worth of upgrades. Huawei is getting bad press because of their poor pr.