Fifa 13 Regenerator I68

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This year a new feature has been added: now you can regenerate indexes files so that the game ignores all changes made, except the edited graphics files (.rx3). It's an opportunity that will be very useful for those who want to play online with some graphics changes, without having to manually move, each time, edited configuration files (and so on.), that will be ignored by the game. When people will want to get back to playing his saved career, will simply to rebuild again using the default option.

FIFA 14 i68 Regenerator 4.0 ( RC14 Unlicensed Leagues&& Teams Logos Fifa 14 i68 Regenerator 4.0!!! Download FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution 4.0&BETA 2. This is a mod for FIFA.

Tools Needed For Editing FIFA 13 Database Master 12 - Main Database Editor File Master 12 - File Exporter/BH Regenerator (requires an empty FIFA 12 folder inside an EA Sports folder in this path - C Program Files or C Program Files (x86) RX3 Master - Graphic File Importer (requires the dlls below in this path - Program Files Fifa Master File Master 12 Graph) Main Files For Editing We will need to open file master 12 in order to be able to access FIFA 13s files to edit. We browse to the files via the tree in the left pane of file master 12, we will need to locate data0.big & locale.big in the FIFA 13 install directory.

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Data0.big - C Program Files Origin Games FIFA 13 Game Look for the files under Master Database below, highlight them & click the export button. Locale.big - C Program Files Origin Games FIFA 13 Game data loc Look for the files under Language Databases below, highlight them & click the export button. Once all the listed language databases are exported, we will highlight them again & click the delete button. Database Editing In order to edit the databases we will need to open database master 12. Load the database you want to edit whether it be the main database or the language database. Browse to Master Database - C Program Files Origin Games FIFA 13 Game data db Language Database - C Program Files Origin Games FIFA 13 Game data loc Now we need to load the.xml file first then the.db file, once the database loads we can start to edit. In the master database we will see a bunch of tables, dont be intimidated as most you will never need to edit.

You now have 2 options, we can make our edits in database master 12 or we can export tables to edit in microsoft excel to edit then import the table back into the database. In the language database we will see 1 table titled languagestrings, this contains all types of data pertaining to leagues, stadiums, teams, tournaments, etc. You have the same 2 options with the language database as you have with the master database. Im not going to go into the tables that arent self explanitory, if you have to read this then you have no business editing them tables anyway, you may if you wish but that is all on you. Graphic File Editing In order to export graphic files we will need file master 12 open & to import graphics we will need rx3 master open which can be found in the file master 12 install directory.

We need to open file master 12 & browse to data3.big where most of the graphic rx3s are & export an rx3 for the graphic we are trying to edit. Example - xxxxxx represents the id. Adboards for example require 1 rx3 file per set. Adboard adboard_xxx_0.rx3 These will require multiple rx3 files per set. Kit kit_xxxxxx_0_0.rx3 - home kit kit_xxxxxx_1_0.rx3 - away kit kit_xxxxxx_2_0.rx3 - gk kit kit_xxxxxx_3_0.rx3 - 3rd kit Face face_xxxxxx_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_textures.rx3 - face texture head_xxxxxx_0.rx3 - head model hairlod_xxxxxx_0_0.rx3 - distant hair model hair_xxxxxx_0_0.rx3 - hair model hair_xxxxxx_0_textures.rx3 - hair texture Most files such as adboards, balls, boots, faces, grass, kits, kit numbers, tattoos, are located in the sceneassets folder which is full of the folders these rx3s are stored in. Sceneassets folder - C Program Files Origin Games FIFA 13 Game data sceneassets When you export an rx3 file file master 12 should export it in the folder it belongs in. Now some editors will upload textures already imported to rx3 files, while some may not & will only upload textures in png format. Sertifikat na ozon 007 download.