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Nov 19, 2018 - Download Coolorus 2.5 for Mac Free, Color plugin for Photoshop, Solid Shape Fill Color, HSV representation, 6 color spaces, Organize Colors,.

Watch the tutorial, download the Coolorus Color Wheel, and HD Video Artist: This past contest, we partnered with the creators of Coolorus, which is a color wheel plugin that adds new features while choosing and working with different colors. While you’re painting, having a helpful guide to assist you can be incredibly useful. So this is a plugin that I highly recommend and you can learn what it has to offer from this lesson. You can download and try Coolorus for free from their site.

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This tutorial goes through working with Coolorus with every feature that is available and may be confusing. We cover selecting colors, using color schemes, changing wheels, gamut locks, luminosity lock, the sliders, and mixers. It’s a great tool that we can use to our advantage as an artist and you can go try it for free so go download it today!