Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press Pdf File

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Pictures and notes on a new 30 Ton Hydraulic. Matt built this press to forge damascus steel knife. Knife making as one of his production forging jobs. This book and drawings are designed to help you build your own 24 ton Hydraulic Forging Press. A two horsepower 220 volt single phase motor running at 1725 RPM powers a 5.5 gallon per minute 'Hi-Lo' hydraulic pump. Ram force of 24 tons is applied by a 5' diameter double acting hydraulic cylinder at 2500 psi pressure.

I was contacted by a gentleman a few days ago about information on making a hydraulic forge press. These machines are interesting and I thought I would post what is found with a few quick searches. What I hope is someone who has taken to task and has actually built one they use and wouldn't mind sharing the pros and cons of their experiences. This is the link. This is a video from Dragonfly Forge on a neat press no plans so far. I can share with you a few ideas. There are a number of ways to provide power to a hydraulic press.

The video above shows a pump hooked to a 5 horse power 220 volt electric motor. You could also use a lawn mower engine. Case and Ingersoll tractors used hydraulic pumps and motors to power their garden tractors. You could salvage one of these old tractors for parts to power your forging press. I also found a build for a press on YouTube that rightly started with a warning. 'Don't follow my plans' No doubt CYA.

I agree, you should be competent enough to know your design capabilities or hire an engineer to review your plans or design a press for your needs. On the other hand we don't blacksmith because it's a ______________. Keep the fires burning hot!

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