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Happy 10th Anniversary to Ryan Leslie’s eponymous debut album Ryan Leslie, originally released February 10, 2009. By no means does Ryan Leslie lead a normal life. He shares his phone number with anyone who visits his Twitter. His Instagram page is filled with private jet landings. And he has a habit of hosting parties inside of castles.

Leslie has built this unique life through music, a field that elevates a select few. But the rarities he enjoys now come after a more common experience: having dreams that are deferred. Leslie was drawn to music during his childhood as he heard his parents play instruments in their home. As he grew older, Leslie envisioned himself as a recording artist and worked towards that even while following a conventional path.

As he studied in college, Leslie remade the beats of songs he loved, wrote his own lyrics to them and performed his renditions at events. His skill developed so much that a demo he produced helped another singer land a record deal in 2001. But despite all of this work, Leslie still lacked a big break of his own.

Instead of being signed as an artist, Leslie worked as a producer for years. He contributed to music by the likes of,. Many people would have just accepted this role, and Leslie was prompted to do so by executives who stressed the money he stood to make.

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But for Leslie, his aspirations were worth more than a dollar amount. So he continued to pursue an artist deal, eventually landing one and making an album titled Just Right. Unfortunately, the LP was shelved, as executives felt it didn't compare to —a song Leslie initially made for himself but then gave to New Edition. This setback summed up Leslie's experience in music to that point.

His talent was clear to see, but executives saw it as a tool to support other acts rather than an act of its own. Still in all, Leslie held on to his dream and it finally came to be in 2009 as he released his eponymous debut. The album proved that Leslie performs just as well on the main stage as he does behind the curtain. Before his LP arrived, Leslie exposed his talent to fans with a much cooler medium than liner notes. He uploaded clips to YouTube that featured him making the beats to songs he produced.

The videos are funny at times, thanks to orchestrated phone calls and moments when Leslie dances like. But the laughs don't keep the clips from being impressive. Leslie's passion and skill as a musician comes across in every note he plays. Leslie built some buzz with the videos, but once his album was released, it was clear that he deserved even more anticipation. Ryan Leslie is a great album that starts strong and never wavers.

The opening track is 'Diamond Girl,' also the LP’s lead single. On the song, Leslie's production is both nostalgic and modern.

The drums have a live band feel, but they combine with crescendos that sound like the start of a video game. These sounds form an upbeat track and Leslie matches the track's vibrance. His voice glides as he sings the chorus, and his lyrics are filled with confidence as he tries to charm the woman on his mind. Leslie's confidence peaks on the third verse, as he raps while doing ad-libs with his falsetto. Altogether, the catchy cut exemplifies just how much Leslie can do with a song, and why he believed in himself when executives didn't.