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I believe that you have the right cable connection. The SW settings should also be as follows. Also when you try to go online, do you get any action on the lights on the Hostlink unit at all. LSS or Syswin trying to connect will send out a hostlink command that requests the PLC model. It will try this 3 times, therefore you should see 3 short flashes, if you don't then assuming everything equal 1. Cable problem, 2, PC serial port problem, 3. LK201 problem 4.

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Software compatibility problem. BTW did you get Syswin as Arik suggested? Syswin can even work on todays computers with XP. Quote: I tried SYSWIN but only got 'No Response From PLC' when I tried to connect. Will SYSWIN even work with such an old PLC? Yes, Syswin will program all models preceeding the CJ1 and CS1 PLC which it cannot do. Finally, did the RCV light flash at all when you tried to connect to the PLC as i describe before.

Are you sure that your comm's port is working on the PC, then Hostlink? Have you double checked the cable to make sure that there is not a cold solder joint? The PC port might be locked up.have you rebooted the PC. Try cycling the power to the PLC, you should have to do this but i know your getting desparate.

Honestly, I didn't notice the LED blinking I guess what you mean by 'cold solder point' is measuring continuity between each pin? I have questioned my cable even though I have went by the Omron help sheet.

It stated that pinouts should be: (9 pin female to 25 pin male) 2-2, 3-3, 5-7, with the 7&8 pin joined at the 9 pin side & the 4&5 joined at 25 side. I tried a null modem cable also today but no change. I did notice that the pin holes on the host link seem to show a connection at the 1-5 pin, at the 7 pin, and at the 20 pin. My null modem cable looked like this Signal Name DB-9 Pin fem to DB-25 pin male FG (Frame Ground) - 1 FG TD (Transmit Data) 2 3 RD RD (Receive Data) 3 2 TD RTS (Request To Send) 8 5 CTS CTS (Clear To Send) 7 4 RTS SG (Signal Ground) 5 7 SG DSR (Data Set Ready) 4 20 DTR CD (Carrier Detect) 4 20 DTR DTR (Data Terminal Ready) 1 8 CD DTR (Data Terminal Ready) 6 6 DSR.

Let me give the situation from the start. Got an alarm code on the front display of the unit. Found that the battery lead had been corroded so bad that the lead had came out of the battery. Replaced the battery.

Now with power on, I show no outputs. I still show inputs though, so i've been trying to connect to see is I can even establish a comm with the unit. I'm assuming the program is gone. All the efforts I've made in the previous posts have also been done on a good, working unit on another machine.

But I still can't get a connection. Jigsaw puzzle platinum edition torrents ru. My hopes are to establish connection to wear I can simply pull the prog from a good unit and download it to the other.

However, these use an EEPROM, right? Counldn't I just replace that with a newly flashed one? I'm staring at my LK201, and I'm questioning both yours and Sleepy's DIP switch settings. Mine lists the last 4 switches in SW2 as 'Not Used'.

Mine are all set to OFF. The same is true for SW3. Switches 2 through 8 of SW3 are also labeled 'Not Used', and are all OFF on mine. Nathan, are you sure LSS is set to use the correct COM port and the right baud rate? I would try communicating at 9600, not the 19.2 that your switches are currently set to.

I don't use LSS or Syswin. I used the old tried and true CAPS software. I have CAPS set to 9600, 7 data bits, 2 stop bits, and EVEN parity. To clarify, my switches are set as follows (1=ON, 2=OFF): SW1 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1 SW2 1-0-1-0-0-0-0-0 SW3 1-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 And for the hell of it, here's a picture: [attachment] beerchug -Eric.