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Business like other social institutions, develops certain belief systems and va lu es fo r wh ic h th ey st an d, an d th er e be li ef s an d va lu es ar e a so ur ce of institutional drive. These values drive from a multitude source, such as the mission of business as a social institution, the nation in which business is located, the type of industry in which it is active and the nature of employees. These values become guides for employee’s decisions in the interface of business. Second, they become strong motivators for people in a business. The term public visibility refers to the extent that organizations activities are known to person outside the organization.

Public visibility is different from idea of public image. The term public image refers to what people think about an organizations act, while are known. The importance of public visibility is that it subjects business activities to public examination, discussion and judgment. These are became business is integral part of social system. It is a social organ to help accomplish the social goals. Corel rave portable.

The organizational structure, the composition of board of directors, extent of pro fes sio nal iza tio n of man age men t etc, are imp ort ant fac tor s inf lue nci ng business decisions. Some management structures and styles delay decision making while some other facilitate quick decision making. The Board of Directors being the highest decision making body which sets the direction for the development of the organization and which oversees the perfo rmanc e of organizat ion, the quali ty of the Board is a very crit ical factor for the development and performance of company.

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