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Oct 21, 2012  When Battleground WW2 by Easy Eights came out they had a very popular WW2 game for 20mm or 1/72 figures and vehicles in the 1990's. Many gamers already had large collections of 20mm or 1/72 figures and vehicles so the Battleground WW2 rules were a good value for them. Then the 'bean counters' at Easy Eights got the bright idea, 'lets. Pz8 - WW2 Wargame Rules 1. Raskraska astana bajterek hotel. What You Need 1/300 or 1/285 or 1/600 models and miniatures; terrain. WARFARE RULES” by Andrew Thomas, published by Irregular. MBT or Amphibious Tanks or WW2 Medium Tanks such as M47, M48, M60, T 54/55, PT-76, Sherman, T34/85, Pz IV.

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