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What if you try downloading some of the fonts directly from the Google site and run a diff to see if they are byte-for-byte identical to the ones pulled from git? You could also try to determine exactly which font(s) are causing the problem by a process of elimination. On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 10:06 AM, Vincent Milliken: Yeah, same issue here. Photoshop seems to be crashing after about 3-5 mins after start up, removed the Google Font Directory fonts back to normal. — Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub. Yea you could do that or install all the fonts and run the Font Test script () to find out witch font/fonts are corrupt.

Monotype Corsiva® font family. The capitals of the Monotype Corsiva font are of swash design, with characteristic flourishes, designed primarily for use as initial letters. Monotype Corsiva can be used for short text passages in advertising but is best used to add sparkle to invitations, greetings cards and menus and to give a sense of occasion to certificates and awards.

Testi na postuplenie na nazarbaevskuyu shkolu youtube. The only issue with running the script is that it takes a long time to run through all the fonts(The script opens every font and uses the type tool in Photoshop to find witch fonts are corrupt). It will have to check every system font and Google fonts so that would be about 2000+ files (Also depending on other fonts you have installed) to run through. Plus Photoshop mite crash while the script is running.

I would try it but I am currently at work and don't have the time. You have activated all fonts at the same time? Or is it just any font from this directory? The font script mentioned above is ok if you are checking a couple of fonts. However, i strongly recommend the use of a font management application for this. Most of them have (if not all) have advanced tools for scanning corrupted or 'bad' fonts.

Also, don't have every font activated at the same time! Create sets and let applications use font activation instead and only use what the fonts you need for the time instead of loading everything at once. Let me do a ”quick” roundup.


Font Management Applications Mac OS X Application Developer OS Price Read more Font Book Apple Mac OS X 10.3 - Forward Free ( (Apple Support) On Mac OS X, you have the Font (included with the OS), while it's pretty basic, it features functionality for validating fonts, both installed and not installed. It could also help you with resolving duplicate fonts. The font validation will report what fonts that are safe to use (green mark), fonts that have or may have minor errors (yellow mark), corrupted fonts or fonts with major errors (red mark). My advice is to remove all fonts with red mark, because this will certainly be a cause for crashes or other problems. Fonts with yellow marks should be deactivated and put in to ”quarantine”. If you really need a font marked with yellow, check for new versions, or try to download the font again and import to Font Book (replacing the version installed). Run the font validation again.