The Muppet Show Fonts

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I'm a graphic designer (and the Muppet Central flash and graphics guy too) and have been looking for the Muppet Show font for many years. There is a reconstructed Dark Crystal font floating around, but the Muppet Show came out a time when such typography was traditionally drafted by hand. It is unlikely that anyone has reconstructed the font face legitimately or at a place where it can be distributed commercially.


If you do find one let us know, but for now your best bet is to locate an adequate Serif font and customize it. Building the font to match one of these might be a chore.

Sep 29, 2018 - Muppet Babies is an American animated television series featuring toddler. The logo appears to be in a modified ITC Chino Display Ultra. Nov 5, 2017 - Shifty Chica free font download 747 × 238 - 13k - gif Muppet Show Brands of the World™ Download.

“Kernit” isn’t just a way to mistakenly spell Kermit’s name. It’s also the name of a new font, inspired by the Frog himself. The typeface (designed by and ) was originally used at the Museum of the Moving Image’s Jim Henson Exhibition, and now it’s available for everyone to use. According to the designers, “This typeface is meant to capture the same imagination, fun and whimsy which we came to love in Henson’s vivid work.” The font definitely seems to incorporate a bit of Kermit in its negative space, but whether you can see the Muppet influence or not, it’s still a fun and original type worth using once in a while.! (Download link is at the bottom of the page.) Click to enjoy the alphabet in a whole new way on the ToughPigs forum! By Joe Hennes –