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For a company, share capital is the main source of fund. So, when company gets share capital, it is very necessary to record it in the books. To know basics of accounting for share capital transactions is still important for every because today most of companies are limited by shares. Every shareholder's liability is limited up to his bought shares.

Today, we will start accounting for share capital with following transactions: (A) Journal Entries of Share Capital Transactions 1. When company gets Application Money For doing, company need big money. Company issues the prospectus during initial public offering.

All the person who satisfied with company's written terms and objectives in the prospectus, may apply for getting shares. This is the first transaction which is done between the investor and company.

After this, company will not record when one shareholder sells the shares to other shareholder because in the year, a company's shares may be transferred from millions of people to other millions of people. In the end, company will make shareholder register to record the current shareholders. Important: Because company is not getting full amount from shareholder. So, company divides total receivable money in the share application, share allotment and balance in share calls. Ok, come to learn when company gets application money.

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Bank Account Dr. Share Application Account Cr. Explanation of this Transaction: Company gets liquid asset, so bank account will debit. Share application is the account which we will transfer to share capital account allotment of shares to shareholders.

Transfer the Share Application to Share Capital Account on the Allotment of Shares Allotment means physical transfer of shares from company to investor. After this, a investor will become the owner and shareholder of company. Before this, he is just a creditor. All the application money will be transfer to the investor to whom we did not allot the share. It may happen due to more application than our demanding quota of application which depends on our issued capital. Share Application Account Dr. Share Capital Account Cr.

Explanation of this Transaction: Application money on allotted shares is transferred to share capital account. In simple words, we have transfer current liability into our fixed liability.

On the Return of Application of Not Allotted Shares Share Application Account Dr. Bank Account Cr. Explanation of this Transaction: The investor has right to get his invested money if company do not give shares. Company is just passing the opposite entry of no. 1 for returning application money to the applicants who could not be allotted any share.

When Allotment Money Becomes Due Share Allotment Account Dr. Share Capital Account Cr. Explanation of This Transaction: If company gets all the money from applicants in one installment, company just debits the bank account and credits the share capital account but because we are receiving money in different parts, so, when company has fixed the date when company has to get allotment money from shareholder, company will transfer it to share capital account.

Normally, at the date of allotment of money and allotment due dates will be same. When Company Receives Allotment Money Bank Account Dr. Share Allotment Account Cr. When Call Money Becomes Due Share Call Account Dr. Share Capital Account Cr. When Company Receives Call Money Bank Account Dr. Share Call Account Credit Explanation of 6th and 7th Transaction: Company may get call money in 1st call, 2nd call and final calls.

So, when and which call money will be due, we will transfer this call money to share capital account. When call money will receive, we will debit the bank account and credit the share call account. (B) Books of Share Capital Transactions Company records every applicant's record relating to share capital transaction. This is done through share application and allotment book and share call book. Following is the sample of application and allotment book. With same format, you can also make share call book. Application No.

1 2 3 4 Date of Application 5/1/2013 5/1/2013 5/1/2013 5/1/2013 Name of Applicant A B C D Address Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai Occupation Doctor Accountant Engineer House Wife No. Of Shares Applied for 5000 3000 2000 40000 Amount Paid on Application Rs. Folio Distincitve No. Allotment Letter No. Ad45 ad46 ad47 ad48 Amount Due on Allotment Rs. 200,000 Date of Receipt of Cash 15/1/2013 15/1/2013 15/1/2013 15/1/2013 Allotment Money Rs.