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For those of you who don't know, DMPC (Digimon PC) is a program that allows you to run a virtual pet in the form of a Digimon on your computer. Creamware pulsar 2 drivers download free. It is reminiscent of the real Digimon virtual pets, though it isn't quite the same. Features include: -Choosing a specific Digimon family to raise (ex. Deep Savers) -Playing mini-games which also equal as training to raise your Digimon in specific ways that lead to different evolutions -An online battle function that allows you to battle with other users over the internet via a Hamatchi server -Care taking features such as feeding and cleaning after it -And in DMPC Pro, a coliseum mode that serves as sort of an in-game battle function (it isn't that great honestly.) So, the reason I am posting about this program is because the number of people who are using the program are fading away.

Not many people are still interested in virtual pets, or Digimon for that matter. I am hoping that by posting here, more users will start to use the program and enjoy playing it. I would post links to sites where you could look for information, find downloads to the programs and such, but I don't want to unintentionally advertise and end up getting this topic deleted (it happened on another forum I posted on unfortunately.).

So, if you want more info on this virtual pet, you can do a Google search, PM me, or something. There are many YouTube videos that show off the game as well. Now that that is all out of the way, are any of you using DMPC currently? Or are any of you interested in playing it?

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EDIT: Here are a few things to take note of: -DMPC Pro is the latest version, but not as stable as 3.1.3-3 -The bugs that DMPC Pro has include the new Mood system, that isn't in 3.1.3-3, doesn't work very well, and there are some unknown errors that come up from time to time that cause the program to malfunction. This malfunction can sometimes be cause to download a new program unfortunately. However, you Digimon will be safe as they are saved in special.dpmc files automatically every 5 seconds that can be opened with any DMPC program (depending on if you used 3.1.3-3 or Pro, I am not sure if backwards compatibility is a thing). -DMPC Pro has more Digimon than 3.1.3-3. -You can customize the color of the outer shell of your DMPC 3.1.3-3, but not Pro. Also, here are some pictures.

The first two are from DMPC Pro, and the others are DMPC 3.1.3-3 Edited March 18, 2014 by MindlessInterest. Wow, that sounds promising! I just downloaded it (), can't wait to playy *=* I hope you enjoy using it Also, just a note, DMPC Pro is the latest version.

It has a few more bugs than 3.1.3-3, but it has more functions and I believe more characters. The only problems with Pro is that the Mood system that was implemented does not work very well, and there are some unknown errors that cause the game to crash at times. Sometimes the program will fix itself, but other times you might have to redownload the program. Your Digimon will be saved though, they are autosaved every 5 seconds and can be replayed on the respective DMPC program you used to play it. I don't think you can use 3.1.3-3 files on Pro though.