Bc C39 2 To 1 Narrow Flat

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You are looking at an old Manual of pc/MRP, the Complete MRP Inventory/Accounting Package. Please click below for the latest pc/MRP Manual Please click below to reach the pc/MRP Main Page 16.4.1 Overview Bar coding increases efficiency and inventory control accuracy. A retailer from a large grocery chain once remarked, 'We are on such tight margins, with so little room for error; we do not trust clerks to enter $6.95 let alone an 18 character part number'. To print bar-coded labels, you will need to purchase a True Type Bar Code Font. To read the bar coded labels you will need to purchase a bar code wand. 16.4.2 Wedge Type Bar Code Wands pc/MRP will work out of the box with any wedge type barcode reader.

The ratio between the wide bars and the narrow bars can range from 2:1 to 3:1. Likewise the wide:narrow ratio of the spaces can be 2:1 to 3:1. I'm currently using a font called 'BC c39 2 to 1 Narrow' I've. I've seen people convert the barcode into an image but from what I can tell it's converting them to a C39 barcode I need C39 2 to 1 Narrow. I am looking for a barcode font: BC C39 3 to 1 Wide I believe it's file name is C39HDW3.TTF Is there any way I can find this through Microsoft, or otherwise buy this font? Thanks, Jeff windows.

A wedge type barcode reader is defined as a bar code reader that inserts itself in between the computer key board and the CPU unit (i.e. The keyboard plugs into the wedge bar code reader and the wedge is plugged into the computer's keyboard connector). The computer will then read any input from either the wand or the keyboard.

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16.4.2 Portable Bar Code Wands Portable barcode wands can be used to take a physical inventory and then later download the part numbers and quantities from the portable barcode wand's docking station into pc/MRP's physical inventory program. The portable bar code wand must be programmed that it can download a comma delimited ASCII text file named physical.txt into the pcmrpw directory. The file must consist of part numbers and quantities separated by commas and line returns as shown below: 000000001,00010,00000,03,100.00 The Percon 2000 can be programmed to provide such an output. However, you or one of your programmers must create the program. Unitech's PT600 comes with a program for pc/MRP built in. To take an inventory with the PT600 follow the steps listed below: • Select Run. • Select pcmrp.exe.

• Select Physical inventory, F1. • Scan the bar coded parts or bin boxes and enter the quantities. • After you are finished, press F4 to exit. To download the physical inventory count follow the steps listed below: • Set the PT600 into it's cradle attached to the PC. • Go into explorer and run C: Unitech Qkuplad upload.exe. • The update screen will appear. • Select Load.

• The terminal will contain a file named pcmrp.txt. • Set the name of the destination file to c: pcmrpw physical.txt. • Do not check the Append check box as we want to overwrite the physical.txt from the prior inventory. • Select Save to save the file to disk and then exit.

16.4.4 Software Arts Bar Code Font Option Software Arts offers an optional 3 of 9 or UPC Bar Code True Type font that can be inserted into any pc/MRP form or label using pc/MRP's custom report writer. In versions lower than 7.01 users must call Software Arts for the disk set or download URL.

In versions 7.01 and higher users can call Software Arts for the barcode activation codes. Both methods will utilize the instructions below. Barcodes can be added to pc/MRP labels, forms, and reports by installing pc/MRP's optional True Type bar code font files, (3of9.TFF Version 1.0 or c39hdw3, c39hdn3, c39hdm3, c39n3, c39m3, c39w3 Version 2.0) into Windows Font file. While in pc/MRP go to Configuration, About pc/MRP Press Ctl-‘B’ Enter activation code.