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Once a year I go to Oahu to teach at the University of Hawaii. 883 discografia completa. (It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.) Each year, when I teach changing the language settings for InDesign spelling checks, the students ask if there is a dictionary for Hawaiian. Each time I have sadly replied no.

Even though InDesign CS6+ supports adding custom Hunspell dictionaries, I’ve never been able to find those dictionaries for Hawaiian. Keygen However, this year I asked in the User to User forum if anyone knew of a Hunspell dictionary for Hawaiian. I was pointed to an extension for Firefox that allows spell checking for Hawaiian. I contacted the author of the extension, Kevin Scallen from the and got a link to the custom he created.

Kevin also has which can be used for gmail and other web-based services. (Kevin is also interested in any Hawaiian-speakers to with suggestions for new words to add to his dictionary. So it turns out that finding the dictionary was the easy part. The hard part was deciphering the cryptic instructions in the Adobe Help files for Adding Hunspell dictionaries. I had hoped for a simple “Import Hunspell” command. Sadly that was not the case.

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Instead, I had to follow Adobe’s rather baffling instructions meticulously in order to get the dictionary installed correctly. And if I found the tricky bits difficult, I figured many others would too. So I decided to write up this explanation.


Getting to the Help file Perhaps the first clue that this will be difficult is that, unlike virtually every other feature in InDesign, Adobe actually put a link directly to the Help file for this topic in the program! Go to Preferences > Dictionary and then click the Hunspell button. This opens the. (There’s nothing special about going through the Preferences dialog box.

You can just click that links to get there.). Click the Hunspell Info button to open the Help file for Adding or Removing Hunspell dictionaries Once I opened the Help file, I had to break the instructions down into smaller segments in order to understand what I needed to do. I ended up with ten segments: • Finding the Hunspell dictionaries • Extracting the package contents • Renaming the language files • Finding the language and country codes • Finding the Dictionaries location on your computer • Opening the Hunspell package (Mac users only) • Creating the Dictionaries folder and its contents • Finding the string element “info.plist” file • Adding the proper string element • Finally! Testing the new language dictionary 1. Finding Hunspell dictionaries I got my Hawaiian dictionaries through Kevin.

But that’s not the only place to find Hunspell dictionaries. Adobe gives you the links to the dictionaries at. You can also find Hunspell dictionaries that are.

Once you get to these pages, you need to scroll through to find the language you need. Instead of installing the Hawaiian dictionaries, which has its own special download link, I have decided to use a language that can be downloaded from OpenOffice or Firefox. I chose New Zealand English in honour of my several friends based down there. (I never thought the Kiwis spoke anything other that United Kingdom English, but there you are!) However, there are plenty of other languages to choose such as Tagalog (Philippines), Afrikaans (South Africa), or Yiddish (almost everywhere). In OpenOffice or Firefox, click the link for New Zealand to open its download page and click the Download button. The package downloads.