Titan Kvest Set Ahillesa

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Originally posted by:'Bull' items are not monster infrequents, therefore will not show up on those databases. They aren't unique or legendary either. You'll need to kill minotaurs to get them. The giant minotaur before the Act 1 Telkine is a good spot to get them. I'm not sure if there are any other items beyond chest and bracers.

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I swore it was. I'll try the giant Minotaur anyway. Know a quick way there? I can verify that the bracers and breastplate are the only two armor pieces dropped by Minotaurs. The 'of the Bull' items can come with rare affixes in which case they will be green.

The MI version is 'of the Minotaur', there is also a MI axe called Kinslay.

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