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Hi I try to upload the program from our panelview but I can not get. My computer is on Windows 7 Professional 32 bits. I use the universal serial bus (usb) to DH485 1747-UIC.

Panelbuilder 32 ver 3.81 and RS-Link 2.41 install on VirtualPC with Windows XP mode. Driver of the 1747-UIC are installed on the VitualPC 1747-UIC port is COM1 I can see my panelview in RS-Link in VirtualPC EACH TIME i try to upload the panelview i got the Error(1022) Target is not an operator terminal I can download the program from our PLC SLC3/03 without problem (with same method but on windows 7 directly)So the 1747-UIC works well I use ethernet cable (work well for upload on the PLC.) My Panelview model is PanelView 600 2711-T6C2L1 Ser: B Rev: C FRN: 4.43 What i can try now?

(Sorry for my bad English is not my primary language). Amondryl, You appear to be seeing the PV600C ok in RSLinx, so I don't think you have any cable/driver/COM Port mis-configuration at this stage? NB: You mention you are using an 'ethernet cable'. As you say this cable did work between the 1747-UIC and the SLC5/03 for program transfer, you are most likely using a 1747-C13 cable. This would be the correct cable. It has an RJ45 jack plug on both ends, similar to an Ethernet cable, but it is not Ethernet! This is still a serial cable.

PanelBuilder32 software (now listed as catalog number 2711-ND3A) is still available for purchase, if a valid license is purchased you can download it.

Do not assume it can be used elsewhere as an Ethernet cable. Just a warning. The '1770-KF3/1747-KE' device is correct for the 1747-UIC(USB Interface Converter).

You only select 'SLC-CH0/Micro/PanelView' when connecting directly to any of those devices through a serial cable. Also, the 1747-UIC will only work on a Data Highway-485 network with Baud Rate: 19200. If you were still on RSLinx v2.41, you would have had to use the 'RS232 DF1 Devices' driver, as you initially were, and it did work, as your attached images show you could browse the DH485 network. Still, it's no harm you have updated RSLinx anyway. Problem 1: 'Error 1022: Target is not an operator terminal.' This is just my opinion, but this is what I think is happening here. As you are using a small localized DH485 network, you have an SLC5/03 connected to the Communications Port on the PanelView 600.

You then have the 1747-UIC connected to the Programming Connector on the PanelView 600. On the DH485 network, the SLC5/03 = Node 1, PV600C = Node 2. In PanelBuilder32, when attempting to upload, the 'Transfer Type' is set to your AB-UIC driver. When PanelBuilder32 attempts to upload using this driver, it looks for a device at Node 1 and nowhere else. It simply scans the DH485 network and finds the first Node address, i.e. The SLC5/03 at Node 1. Stan getz sax solos pdf download youtube.


It then reports back that this target device is not an operator terminal, which is correct. It does not seem to keep scanning for all Node addresses until it finds one that is an operator terminal. Also, if it did, and there were two terminals in the network, how would it know which one to upload from? It would have to give you the option to select it from a browsed list. Problem 2: 'Error 2258: Unable to communicate with operator terminal, did not receive a response.' Once you disconnected the SLC5/03 at Node 1, it could not find anything at Node 1, and so reported back that it could not communicate with an operator terminal. The 'AB-UIC', or 'RS232 DF1 Devices' drivers, do not appear to scan and communicate in PanelBuilder32, the same as they do in RSLinx.

Again, that is just my analysis of these errors, based on what you have presented. Solution: First: In RSLinx, check you can browse to your DH485 network through your AB-UIC driver, as you have been doing. Then close RSLinx. In PanelBuilder32, when you select 'File/Upload.' , you get the 'Upload File' dialog box. In here you can set the 'Transfer Type'. If you have selected 'DF1 Point-to-Point -- RSLinx AB_UIC', or similar, as mentioned above, which represents your configured AB-UIC driver, try selecting 'RSLinx Network' instead, as per the attached example image.