Vidya Subramaniam Tamil Novels Collections

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This article is about the Tamil author. For the singer, see. Vidya Subramaniam (: வித்யா சுப்ரமணியம், born 1957) is a author. She has been writing and for close to three decades. Born and brought up in, she has to her credit 100 books and has won awards including a State Award. An anthology of her short stories has been translated into English titled Beyond the Frontier.

Two of her short stories have also been translated and featured in a book titled Anthology of Tamil from the Blaft stable. References [ ]. Convert html file to pdf using itextsharp chunks in minecraft.


The translations cover 11 novels, 7 novellas, 3 collections of short stories, 7 anthologies of Poetry (including about eighty Sangam Poems). C.Subramaniam ( a Bharath Ratna Honouree), published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Seven volumes of his Tamil articles and Papers have been published, covering literary, social and developmental themes.