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Usb Xtaf allows you to access to the contents of your FATX hard drives. For information, FATX is a slightly modified version of the FAT file system for the hard drive of Xbox console. As such, there will not be any future updates to USB XTAF Explorer since new systems can no longer use it at all. The download page and server will still be maintained for legacy USB backups that need to be modified. Thanks for choosing USB XTAF Explorer for all these years. Download USB XTAF Explorer.

• If your wanting to browse content on an Xbox 360 formatted usb hard drive you might be wondering what the best tool to use is. You have a few free options thankfully, usually people recommend two different tools. Was the first and best tool for a good number of years, however that has since been surpassed by which has a much more user friendly interface, allowing the easy identification of content on the Xbox 360 hard drive or USB drive. - as you can see this is a basic tool that gets the job done, however it's extremely reliable and was the best tool for Xbox 360 USB content management on a PC for many years. - The interface is a lot more modern as you can see, giving you the same icons the content has on the Xbox 360 on your PC, making it much more user friendly to manage content.

Today in 2017 either tool will get the job done, however the most user friendly is Party Buffalo Drive explorer in my opinion. I hope this post was some use in helping you choose an Xbox 360 USB Storage application to manage your save games, demos and other Xbox 360 related content.

• UsbXtaf is an Xbox 360 usb drive explorer that works with USB flash drives and Xbox 360 hard drives. Usbxtaf Xbox 360 USB Storage Explorer can read and write to the FATX file system storage devices formatted by the Xbox 360 use. Funfair jingles. This allows an Xbox 360 hard drive or usb memory stick to be connected to a computer, data on the Xbox 360's hard drive can be extracted and copied back to the Xbox 360 usb storage device with UsbXtaf Xbox 360 USB storage explorer. This means Xbox 360 save games can be injected in to the memory stick, along with demo's and other Xbox 360 downloadable content. By default windows pc's are not able to read storage devices formatted by the Xbox 360 console, however UsbXtaf will allow Xbox 360 storage devices to be accessed on Windows when connected by USB.

USB Xtaf Storage explorer was the first tool to be released back in 2010 capable of extracting data from usb drives which had been configured for storage on an Xbox 360. For the first time this allowed easier access to Xbox 360 content, without having to use often expensive adapters which enabled internal Xbox 360 hard drives to be connected to a computer. Download UsbXtaf Xbox 360 USB Storage Explorer: (Mega) (ZippyShare) (MediaFire) How to use UsbXtaf USB Storage Explorer? USBXtaf is quite easy to use, however we have created a dedicated tutorial for anyone who happens to be having problems. View: Change log - what's new / fixed on this version of UsbXtaf Xbox 360 USB Storage Explorer: 12/16/10 Version 33: Multi cluster dirs fixed, newfolder() fixed for cache partition(and others), Null files now work, No wasting clusters by accident, removed game name(new, doesnt work), disable cache option replacing broken log option., linux autoscan? 12/17/10 Version 34: Experimental HDD support, HDD images, other minor fixes, Auto Xbox360 in manuall open Version 35: Fail misake leaving a debug call in left hdd support broken Version 36: Se7ensins kiddies are annoying (Digiex totally agrees) 12/19/10 Version 37: Linux HDD support(experimental still), Autodetect Fixed(I think), Partial Overseek Checks Version 38: HDD oops, linux changes broke windows, fixed Version 39: HDD size calculation might have been wrong, if this breaks hdd support for you, there is an option under options to use the old algorythm. If this breaks it for you, please email me of file a bug report.