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Hi Everyday I keep seeing more and more references to this sim, and specifically people 'going over to it'. Given I really have no idea of what it's like, I decided to check it out. Their website is rather confusing, but it does give a fairly good overview - although no way of buying or downloading the product that I can see! One thing it does show is that it is clearly somehow based on the ancient MSTS/OpenBVE platform given how bad the graphics look in some of the screenshots! Definitely, both Trainz and RW trump it graphically. Secondly, the amount of content available for it does not impress me. Every train sim (IMO) should come with a selection of varied and different routes, not a massive amount but at the very least 6 or 7 built in.

Run8, as far as I can see, only has one, you have to buy the rest. And the locos to run on them. And it's not like you have much of a choice here, either. It's just modern day US freight operations. Ok, there's the A-Line in Florida, but that's it for none-deserty routes. No narrow gauge, no steam, nothing from outside the US, nothing from pre-1985.

There is a P42 with Superliners available, but the model looks like it's been taken straight out of MSTS. And you have to pay for it! I don't mind modern US freight operations in deserts, but I'd probably get bored of it pretty quickly, no matter how good the physics are. It's kind of a shame that the Needles Sub they've made is post BNSF merger, as that would have made a great steam-era route.

Oh, and the trees. I haven't actually played it, but from the screenshots the trees look absolutely awful and terribly unconvincing. Again, probably just lifted straight from MSTS. Oh, and then there's the small matter of the default game only coming with one route, you have to pay $40 each for the others. When Steam charges a lot less for its, lets face it, much better looking routes this does look like a bit of a swindle. On the other hand, the sim is very much operations based and I doubt the average player would care much about the graphics. And from what I've read, it does operations very, very well.

It also has a highly realistic physics engine, apparently, but then that wouldn't surprise me as I always thought MSTS had surprisingly good physics compared to Trainz! The multiplayer also looks far superior to ours as well, but a tad more complicated. But then again, I'm not that bothered about multiplayer anyway. In conclusion, personally, I don't think it's worth it for a game that is basically MSTS with a new haircut. I can see where they're coming from, and I respect the work that has been put in to it but it's not for me. (If they ever do the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway though, I might change my mind.):p The multiplayer and physics are impressive, but the negatives vastly outweigh the positives for me.

Run8 Train Simulator - We put the TRAIN back in Train Simulator World. To download the update please have your email address that you used to purchase.

But by all means make a judgement for yourself. You can visit their website here Run8 has its flaws, and its perks. The physics and operations are spot on.

Run 8 Train Simulator Download

And getting on to a server with any where form 5 to 40 people is a blast. Yes the graphics look dated in screen shots, but they are good. No speed trees or supper hi res textures. But the locomotives and rolling stock look very good. Much better than old MSTS stuff. And no, its not built on MSTS at all. Granted these are the same guys who built plenty of content for MSTS.

Here is a shot I took form the cab of a locomotive and you can see three other players. The first player is bringing in the train on the left. The second is in the cab of the train on the right. And the third is riding the last tank car helping guide the train in. Yes, players in game have a avatar that you see and play from in a first person view. This way I see where you are at, and you see what a crew member on the ground would see. (There is a flying mode too) Yes it is lacking in content, and this really sucks.

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Darzamat diskografiya torrent But it is all original content, nothing copied over from any one else. If it look's like JR content, its probably because they aim for the same level of detail that JR has. But they are limited right now on what the game engine can do, so some details are left out. Run8 is fun, if you have some good crews to play with. Yes every thing is payware, but you dont need payware to join a server.

They have a nice work around to replacing the content you dont have. Don't have the GP40's it spawns in a default locomotive of the same size. Don't have the auto racks, it spawns in a box car the length of a auto rack. Don't have a merged route to the session, you cant go down those tracks when you get there. There are dedicated servers as well, none of the hassle in hosting a session like in Trainz. I even host one my self. Its worth it, if you really want the real deal.