Perevod Svideteljstva O Rozhdenii Na Anglijskij Dlya Vizi Obrazec

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Where is the Aeroflot office? How do I call Aeroflot? When should I be at the airport?

I would like to confirm my (return) reservation. Where is the information office?

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Where is the ticket office? I want a ticket on a plane to., please, flight number. Is this a direct flight?

How long is the flight? When does the plane get to.? How much does the ticket cost?

Where is the waiting room? Where is the cloak room?

I would like to check this. Where do I claim my bags? I would like to claim my bags, please Porter, here are my bags (baggage, hand luggage). When (where) is the check-in?When does boarding begin? Show me my place, please.

Please bring me some water (an airsickness pill) When are we to land?