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If this is the CD / DVD version of ProStreet, the issue is that Windows 10 removed the driver (secdrv.sys) used by Securom and Safedisk DRM (digital rights managment), and ProStreet uses Securom. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 disabled, but did not remove, secdrv.sys, so it still can be enabled.


Windows 10 doesn't allow the driver, considering it to be a security risk. Apparently there was a download version of ProStreet at Origin, but it was removed. I don't know if it could run on Windows 10. Some people like myself, have multiple versions of Windows installed on the same system (multi-boot), to get around issues like this. For Windows 7 or later versions that got a free upgrade to Windows 10, you may be able to revert to the old operating system (be sure to back up all of your data first), but if you wanted both Win 7/8 and 10, you'd have to buy Win 10 instead of doing the free upgrade in order to have both Win 7/8 and Win 10 on the same system. You would need multiple partitions on a hard drive and/or multiple hard drives to setup a multi-boot system.

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