New English File Advanced Test Unit 1

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1 Test 1 Match the questions with the correct responses. Film iso blu ray terbaru xx download. 1 Do you think you’ll get the job? 2 Do you live near the town centre? 3 Would you like to go out with me tonight? 4 Did you have to go for an interview? 5 Have you sorted out that problem yet? 6 Don’t you think the medical officers were rather strict?

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A Yes, but I didn’t want to. B Well, they had to be. C No, I still haven’t managed to.

D Yes, I’m hoping to. E No, but I used to. F Yes, I’d love to.

0.5 points for each correct answer 3 2 Complete the responses with the words in the box and to. Beginning afraid planning allowed hope promised 1 A I’m sorry, but I can’t help you today. 2 A Would you like to emigrate to Australia? B Yes, in fact one day I. 3 A Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?

B I thought you’d get angry and I was. 4 A Are the roses flowering yet? B Not all of them, but some are. 5 A Why don’t you leave the office early? B I would, but the boss says we’re not.

6 A Did Pete meet up with Kate yesterday? I know he was. 0.5 points for each correct answer 3 3 Cross out the words in B that can be omitted.

1 A Make sure you take your passport. B Don’t worry, I will take it. 2 A Would you stay in this country if you could? B Yes, I would stay if I could.

3 A Do you think the others got lost on the way? B Yes, they might have got lost. N A M E: 4 A I didn’t bring any money with me. B Oh – you should have brought some.

5 A Do you think the border guards are expecting us? B They could be expecting us. 6 A Maybe that man was working for them. B Yes, he might have been working for them.

0.5 points for each correct answer 3 4 Write a positive and a negative short response. Example: He’s been very busy recently. Positive: Yes, he has.

Negative: No, he hasn’t. 1 Jenny speaks Greek well. Positive: Negative: 2 Are you staying in tonight?

Positive: Negative: 3 Both trains were running late. Positive: Negative: 4 They’ll change the law soon. Positive: Negative: 5 Most immigrants arrived in the 19th century. Positive: Negative: 6 He should have been sent to prison. Positive: Negative: 7 You’d have won if you’d tried harder. Positive: Negative: 8 They’ll have been waiting for us. Positive: Negative: 1 point for each correct answer 8 5 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

So too neither either though 1 I wouldn’t like to live there, and would you. 2 Paul doesn’t like Indian food. 3 I won’t be staying here, and the others won’t,.

4 Carla’s intelligent, and is her brother. 5 My family come from Hungary, and hers do.

0.5 points for each correct answer 2.5. 6 Which countries are these people from? 1 A Pole 2 A Spaniard 3 A Dutchman 4 A Turk 5 A Swede 6 A Frenchwoman 7 A Scot 8 An Afghan 9 A Welshman 10 A Dane 0.5 points for each correct answer 5 7 Complete the nationalities in each group with the same ending. 1 Brit Dan Pol Scott Span Swed Turk 2 Argentin Austral Belg Ital Peruv 3 Cze Dut Fren 4 Iceland 5 Sw 6 Americ Germ Keny 0.5 points for each correct answer 3 8 Which languages are spoken in these countries? 1 Wales 2 China 3 Syria 4 Peru 0.5 points for each correct answer 2. 9 American or British English?

Write US or UK. 1 I’ll see you at the weekend. 2 Did the Hong Kong plane arrive yet? 3 Most immigrants live in blocks of flats. 4 Get a bottle from the liquor store. 5 There are long vacations in this job. 6 They had a really bad journey.

7 The office is open from Monday to Friday. 8 We had to stand in line for hours.

0.5 points for each correct answer 4 10 Pair the British English (UK) and American English (US) words. Bill post biscuit check closet pavement restroom autumn rubbish mail pants garbage bathrobe fall cupboard cookie loo trousers sidewalk dressing-gown 1 (UK) and (US) 2 (UK) and (US) 3 (UK) and (US) 4 (UK) and (US) 5 (UK) and (US) 6 (UK) and (US) 7 (UK) and (US) 8 (UK) and (US) 9 (UK) and (US) 10 (UK) and (US) 0.5 points for each correct answer 5 11 Rewrite the sentences in British English. 1 Where can I get some gas for the truck? 2 There’s a drugstore open all night downtown. 3 Take the elevator down to the first floor. 4 The movie starts at ten of nine.