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Goofs In some episodes of the series, some symbols on the clothes that the characters wear have some mistakes on them. Like sometimes, the Leaf symbol on the Leaf headbands would not have the pointy part of the symbol on it, and sometimes, the Sound symbol would have either a wavy flag or a non-wavy flag on it. And the Mist symbols would sometimes be lines instead of squiggly lines. On one of the early episodes, Sasuke Uchiha had a blue shirt with the Uchiha Clan symbol on the back, but on one shot where he talks to Sakura Haruno, the Clan symbol is not on his back. And some of the characters' faces were drawn badly in the original Japanese film, but were edited in the English version. Alternate Versions In the Japanese version of the anime series, after Naruto does the Sexy Jutsu (in both the first and second episodes) there is blood coming out of either Iruka, The Third Hokage, or Ebisu's nose. In the English release of the anime, this was completely altered to make it appear that the characters were falling backwards (something that happens frequently in anime when an unexpected event occurs).

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Naruto Episode 1 220 Torrent

But for some reason, in the episode 2 dub, after the 3rd Hokage 'falls backwards', he gets back up, and there is a trace of blood on the handkerchief under his nose, suggesting that he was only bleeding a little bit. Well this is an amazing story based on the Japanese manga. The characterizations are rich and the plot is excellently developed. Though it may be slightly predictable.and sometimes the comedy sucks. The fights and music tracks are quite awesome. This is the true story of an underdog.naruto. Download free movies. Recognized by no one and hated by everyone.for possessing no ninja skills and a demon fox trapped inside him.

How he battles with his sheer will and determination against insurmountable odds to achieve a goal he set for himself is poignantly portrayed in the series. The series drags slightly in between but picks up pace and becomes heavily addictive later on. Maybe there is a naruto in all of us.maybe there is a fighting spirit deep within us which can never be extinguished. This wonderful Japanese anime is a tribute to this amazing attribute inherent in everyone of us. It tells about friendship,loyalty,courage and unselfishness.

It tells about arrogance,deception and hatred. It is a journey of varying emotions. It is the story of a true underdog called naruto.

Don't miss this amazing anime. I rate it 8.7/10.