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Click to expand.Compilla is using the USB driver for the Drafstation. Also known as the Mutoh RJ900. The Drafstation is a CAD printer using the same head technology as the ValueJets, but is set up for aqueous ink and has no heaters. The USB ports on ValueJets are from the Drafstation's motherboard design. Firmware is very different between the ValueJets and Drafstations, so I am surprised that this works, and could be rendered useless or uncontrollable with future firmware updates (or could actually become an officially supported port). I am hoping that these are the Window's USB drivers for the RJ900.As always should any of your team be caught or killed the secretary will disavoy any knowledge of your action. Click to expand.I'm glad to here I'm not the only one using USB.

Not only am I using USB but I'm using WIRELESS USB!! Vista is a nightmare and I'm ready to through this operating system right in the trash. Had the same issues as you and now one could help me. SAI supposedly fixed the issue and re released Flexi 8.5 witch I have but I have not installed it on my Vista machine yet. That will be next. The only issues with using the wireless USB is if the signal gets low like it did today.

Mutoh valuejet error message

Tagihan listrik pln. (only 3 bars instead of 4) than I get the 20% and fail thing only it keeps printing at a snails pace until I stop the print. So far so good though. I've been Running my Mutoh and Graph-tech on the WUSB for about a month now. Compilla: I cant believe your using the USB port on that printer. Have you possibly checked the onboard RAM on the motherboard to make sure it is operating correctly.

Those printers are suppose to have 512mb of onboard RAM, although I have found that some that I have worked on only have 128mb. So if that printer has 128mb onboard and your using Vista (yuck) and your getting printer stall, I would be getting ahold of Mutoh and asking for the correct amount of RAM. I have replace 4 motherboards on the 1204's and have seen this 2 times.

Unless things have changed lately I would definately check it out. Its amazing when you go to find the very detailed spec sheet for the VJ's it disappears. Valentino, it is possible that Mutoh did go back with the 128 sticks for those printers, but I do know that when it came out a couple years back it had 512 onboard, or atleast that what I was being told. RandyA would be better to answer that question now. I am sure if he reads this post he will straighten out any misunderstandings. I still wouldnt be using a USB port for printing.

My Old SP-300 connectivity is a pain in the a** when doing those high MB jobs that are to small to put on the 64' VJ. OH well, I am very interested to see what comes of this post. All posts and other information available at Signs 101 should be viewed as the opinion only of the poster. No claim is made that any information is accurate. As such, each reader should not rely on any information available here as accurate and should independently verify such accuracy.

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