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Official URL: Abstract Tofu industrial development was still hampered by the limited storability problem. As one of the tofu damage caused by the growth of decay-causing microbes. To overcome these problems, preservation efforts by using citric acid which also acts as coagulan material on the tofu processing.

Download tinjauan pustaka asam sitrat for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Download tinjauan pustaka asam sitrat.pdf. Toggle navigation. Asam-sitrat.pdf - Laporan Praktikum Mikroba dan Potensinya ISOLASI DAN SELEKSI KAPANG PENGHASIL ASAM SITRAT oleh Kelompok 5.

This research using Complete~y Randomized Design with six treatments and four replications. The treatments studied were citric acid concentration of 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%, 17.5% and 20%. Results showed that treatment concentration of citric acid to give significant effect on the pH coagulation of soy milk, rendemen, water content and protein content.

The best treatment is obtained in the concentration of citric acid 15%, which produce tofu with the pH of 4.52, rendemen 168.19%, moisture content 78.0200%, protein content 17.98% and the texture of 0.1003 m /sec. The flavor value is 69, texture value is 59 and 49 colors. Until the third day of storage, resulting in a total ofmicrobes 4,9135 log CFU / g with tofu pH is 5.1. Item Type: Article Subjects: Divisions: Depositing User: Users 2 not found. Date Deposited: 30 Mar 2011 14:47 Last Modified: 30 Mar 2011 14:47 URI: Actions (login required) View Item.

Abstract This research aimed to get the combination of drying temperature and dextrin concentration against the quality of temulawak’s essence, and the combination between citric acid and Na- Bicarbonate treatment against temulawak’s effervescent powder quality. The result of the first step shows that the treatment combination between 20% of dextrin concentration and 50°C of drying temperature which is the best treatment of the first step from temulawak’s powder essence that has characteristics on 10.11% of water content, ( L*) 55.10 of brightness level, (a*) 14.56 of redness level, ( b*) 44.20 of yellowness level, 24.63% of rendement, 5.63 of pH; 2.78 of water re-absorption; 1.88% of sugar content reduction; 62.27% antioxidant content, 5.55 obtains panellists’ assessment against color, 5.95 of taste, and 4.15 of aroma. The result of the second step shows that the treatment combination between 10% citric acid and 20% Na-bicarbonate that is the best treatment of the second step that has characteristics on 7.48% of water content, (L*) 59.37 of brightness level, (a*) 14.53 of redness level, (b*) 46.50 of yellowness level, 5.33 of pH, 88.17 of dissolving rate, 2.49% of sugar content reduction, and 46.53% of antioxidant content. The conclusion of this research is the best treatment combination on the first step is 20% of dextrin concentration and 50°C drying temperature, while at the second step is 10% citric acid concentration and 20% Na-bicarbonate. Fussball manager 2002 download vollversion kostenlos. The advice of this research is its necessary to analyze the curcuminoid content as an active antioxidant compound in temulawak.