Interactive Muscle Growth Games

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This game is not easy, especially for someone who only has a trackpad (no, I CAN'T get an actual mouse for the ONLY computer I can play this game on). I can never make it past 4300, and, 9 times out of 10, that third cake hit is deliberate because if I take two hits, my failure is practically assured.

VR-AMAZONS is a virtual reality game like growing world populated with muscle women and giantesses. VR-Amazons is optimated for virtual reality. What does this mean? If you own VR equipment like the Oculus Rift, these girls appear in 3D and real world size like they were really standing or acting right in front of you. The absolute realistic eye behavior even let you forget that these muscled girls and giantesses are artificial. VR-AMAZONS is an independent game project and financed by your donations. So if you like to support me, please use the PATREON.COM link above to get further information.

Your pledges makes this muscled girls and giantess world get happen and it will grow and grow. Thank You Your Bernard Kingsley.

Here's something we can all do together. Kind of a choose your own adventure story about me growing into a huge female muscle goddess. The how and why is completely up to you. Just post a quick sentence or two comment to keep the story going. Hopefully with everyone's help, this will be an interesting FMG story, full of twists and turns. Click on or the to see the full story.

I was coming home after a long day at work at the labs. I've had the strangest feeling today, like never before but just can't put my finger on it. A yearning and desire for something, but what? I pass by Angelo's and should probably hit the weights, but something's pulling me back to the labs. What do I do?

'God,' I think, frustrated. I just know there's something I forgot back there- I was in Dr. Tancheron's focused bombardment chamber, checking the settings for the big test tomorrow.

I couldn't put my finger on it. It was an exciting project and i was thrilled to be attached to it, even if I was just an intern. If it worked, it could completely replace radiation therapy for cancer. Just an injection of the isotope and a twenty second zap and the cancerous cells would just die off completely, leaving the healthy cells (as determined by a genetic test- thank you, genome project) to repopulate the body. Quick, safe, and, ultimately, much cheaper then chemo, radiation, or even surgery. And more effective.

It's my flash drive. I guess I'd better get that- if someone else- someone unauthorized- picked it up, I could get in a lot of trouble.

Worse, they might steal my notes. I sighed, looked longingly at the gym- I really wanted to work out some of my nervous tension- and started retracing my steps back to the lab. 'God, Meg,' she exults, skipping up to me, 'I'm so glad you came back! I think I just made a breakthrough and I need you to help document it. You've got time, right?'

Without waiting for my answer, the small, skinny woman grabs my wrist and practically drags me through the building to Gamma Block. We pass by the room where I'd left my flash drive and I shake loose of the doctor. Depeche mode discography torrent kickass unblocked 2. 'Just a second, Maddy,' I call as I duck into the room, but the doc has already rounded the corner. I curse a little under my breath, grab my stick, and sprint to catch up. It's a good thing I've been working out so religiously, lately; Dr. Tancheron has put on a serious head of steam and is already in the isolation chamber, feeding a slightly woozy rat into the glass focus cage. She's wearing one of those plastic spaceman suits- NBC gear that our lab purchased when the military-grade stuff proved inadequate for our purposes- and I quickly pull one over my shoes, jeans, and t-shirt.

The doc looks over at me and grins again through her suit, for all the world like a little girl with a great new toy. 'Ready, Meg?' 'Ready,' I reply, watching the clear plastic visor fog up slightly from my breath. I give her a thumbs up and she pulls out a remote control. She presses a button, then glances at a table near the door as a low humming noise starts up. 'Oh, no- Meg- did you take the booster?'

The humming noise seems to be getting louder and louder. I shake my head. I look at the table and see a small vial filled with a cloudy, pale blue liquid. A large hypodermic needle is next to it. Tancheron is pushing me now, turning me back towards the entrance.