Inpa Software Bmw E39

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BMW INPA software, what hardware cable is the best? August 7, 2015 sales Car Diagnostic Tool 0 Many FTDI FT232RL based cables can be modified to work with INPA software for BMW diagnosis.

I purchased a copy of INPA from eBay after being unable to find any links that worked with enough info to actually know how to use it. Opisanie vneshnosti putina na anglijskom yazike mp3. The software came on 5 DVD's with a comprehensive PDF install guide to set it up on my laptop.

It all runs through a Windows XP virtual machine. It's designed to run an a touch screen service tablet so the interface is a little clunky to use and is very slow. I had trouble getting communication on my USB to OBD2 lead and discovered I needed to open it up and bridge two of the diagnostic connectors for it to actually work. I will have a look for a link for eBay and post it if I find the same guy. Look at this on eBay BMW DIS V44 V57 SSS V63 & TIS V8 GT1 INPA EDIABAS DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE & USB LEAD • • • • • •.