Hohner Diatonic Button Accordion Instruction Book Pdf

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The Hohner MIDI SqueezeBox is a 31-button three-row diatonic Button Accordion CoreMIDI control surface for the iPad. Inspired by the iconic Hohner Corona II, the app uses the standard GCF (Sol) button layout popular for Tex-Mex, Norteno, Tejano, Conjunto, Vallenato, and similar styles of button accordion. Button Chart, Note. And Row Identification.33. Guide Button C. In this book, we will refer to a. As the distance of five consecutive white keys. 82 TEACH YOURSELF TO PLAY ACCORDION. Track 89 Track 88 Track 91 Track 90. The range of Latin American music is vast and varied. There are many.

Welcome To Our Free Button Accordion Lesson This lesson is for Full Size Accordions. If you have a 7 button accordion, please to go to the appropriate lesson. Important Notice: Before starting to play read the button accordion instructions first. Knowing this accordion information and how the symbols are utilized will enhance your ability to play our free accordion music lesson correctly.

If you are a button accordion beginner we suggest you start at the scales and work your way to the accordion tunes. Taking Care Of Your Button Accordion.

Never open or close the accordion without pressing on the air or one of the other accordion buttons. After use, make sure to fasten the two sides of the bellows of the accordion together using the straps provided. Keeping the accordion bellows strapped together, when not in use, prolongs the life of the bellows. Always store your button accordion in a dry place. Do not subject the accordion to excessive moisture or heat such as direct sunlight.

It is not advisable to play the accordion where the air is humid or dusty as the reeds & bellows might be affected. About Our Button Accordion Books: The songs in our accordion music books can be played on either the 1, 2 or 3 row diatonic button accordion. This is made possible because the Lower Scales singing notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La,Ti & Do all start on the third button.

The only exception is in the 3 row diatonic button accordions eg: Keys of GCF, and ADG where the lower scales all start on the second button. In this case just call the second button the third and usually there is no problem. Bass accompaniment is only covered in Uncle Billy's Manual 'LEARNIN' THE BUTTON ACCORDION, THE COMPLETE WANNABES MANUAL'. Found How Does The Button Accordion Work: The accordion produces sounds when the bellows are expanded (PULL) and contracted (PUSH) making the air flow over the different size reeds inside the instrument. By depressing one of the accordion melody buttons and then alternately pulling and then pushing the bellows together you will find that the accordion will produce two notes. There are 10 buttons on the right side of a single row accordion, 21 on a double row accordion and 31 on a triple row accordion.

On all types the top button is number 1. The bottom buttons are either 10 or 11 depending on the number rows your accordion has. Positioning Of The Hands And Fingers: Push your left hand through the accordion strap.

Hohner corso button accordion

Your left thumb should be in place to operate the air button and left fingers over the bass buttons you want to play. Place your right thumb through the loop and rest it on the side of the accordion button board. Placing the thumb behind the button board and nipping it between your thumb and right fingers will decrease dexterity and slow down your playing ability. Place your right index finger on the number 3 button. The remaining fingers will fall in place on the number 4, 5 and 6 buttons.

Keep your fingers in this position while playing the scales. Try adding a shoulder strap and placing your thumb on the side of the accordion button board. You will probably find your fingers have a greater range of motion and are not stressed or impeded by having the thumb locked into the strap. Note: Playing the button accordion bass accompaniment is covered in our Button Accordion Manual titled 'LEARNIN' THE BUTTON ACCORDION' sub title 'THE COMPLETE WANNABES MANUAL.' The series title is 'THE PHD'S OF THE BUTTON ACCORDION' sub title 'PUSH HERE DUMMY, PULL HERE DUMMY' Notations: Numbers written like this 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Push the bellows (IN) (> ) apart. Dashes behind numbers are played longer eg: 3 is do, 3 - is doo, and 3 - - is dooo Major Scales, Lower Octave: Lower Scales: Buttons 3 to 6 Higher Scales: Buttons 6 to 10.