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The article makes a comparative analysis of the lexico-semantic process of homonymy in the modern English and Russian languages by the material of ecological terminology. Penn foster.

• 55 Downloads • Abstract The local density profiles in Lennard-Jones adsorption layers, as well as the excess (Gibbs) and absolute adsorption values, are calculated by the density functional method (weighting factor approximations). The substrate is described using the single-particle potential corresponding to the Lennard-Jones potential integrated over the half space occupied by the substrate. The Steele potential is used as a single-particle potential to consider methane adsorption on the surface of nonporous graphite as a specific system.

The calculations are performed for both sub- and supercritical temperature regions. It is established that the density profiles are characterized by the existence of one to three maxima, which reflect the positional order of molecules in adsorption layers, i.e., the layered structure of an adsorbate.

© The Editorial Team of Linguistic Studies Linguistic Studies Volume 29, 2014, pp. 115-122 Customs Term as Unit of Ukrainian Sectoral Terminology System Vira Deyneka Article first published online: October 10, 2014 Additional information Author Information: Vira M. Deyneka, Senior Lecturer at Department of Ukrainian Studies, Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Mykhayilo Tugan-Baranovsky. Correspondence: Citation: Deyneka, V. Customs Term as Unit of Ukrainian Sectoral Terminology System [Text] / V. Deyneka // Linguistic Studies: collection of scientific papers / Donetsk National University; Ed.

– Donetsk: DonNU, 2014. – ISBN 966-7277-88-7 Publication History: Volume first published online: October 10, 2014. Klyuchi anglijskij yazik kurs perevoda dmitrieva.