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Gem Ws1 Keyboard Workstation Manual 28 ->>>.... Da08766158 This is definitely my favourite style on the GEM WS2 Workstation. Oct 28, 2017  GEM WS1 Oriental Keyboard - 1991 Oriental Styles & Demo Programmed by Maurice Tawile.

Genesys Pro S Arabic music keyboard with hundreds of exclusive styles and sounds! GENESYS Pro S MidEast Arranger Workstation & Keyboard • • • • • • • GENESYS Pro S MidEast Arranger Workstation & Keyboard MAQAM® offers a low price guarantee on all electronic music keyboards. Keyboard Policy: All keyboard sales are final. No exchanges or returns.

All keyboards come with a manufacturer's warranty that includes 5 years parts, and 1 year labor and parts. Product Details - Genesys Pro S MidEast Arranger Workstation & Keyboard Please note: This professional electronic music keyboard is not the same as the Genesys Pro. The Genesys Pro, which has mounted speakers, is not a professional keyboard designed for the music of the Middle East and Mediterranean. Genesys Pro S MidEast is a multimedia professional workstation specifically developed for the music of the Middle East and Mediterranean.

With thousands of complex rich sounds, hundreds of features, and a full recording studio, it is the only professional arranger workstation/synthesizer designed specifically for Arabic and Middle Eastern music. The new Genesys Pro S MidEast professional keyboard includes 128 new styles and over 200 high quality Middle Eastern sounds and percussions originating from the cultures of the Middle East and Mediterranean (Arabic, Greek, Turkish, etc.) and was designed in collaboration with the top musicians from these regions.

This professional electronic music keyboard includes important features such as a joystick for pitch and modulation, and programmable Arabic scales which can be assigned to the programmable pads. Keyboard features:.

128MB RAM memory (64MB internal sounds + 32MB new sounds + 32MB user samples). 256 Factory Presets featuring over 200 high quality Middle Eastern sounds, 256 User Presets; 64 notes polyphony. 256 Factory Styles including 128 new Middle Eastern Styles and 64 User Styles. Built-in CD player/burner. Internal 20GB hard disk; sampler and hard disk recording functions (mono/stereo). Vocal genius with separate EFX for the microphone. Wide LCD graphic display (320 x 240).

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Dbmanager professional enterprise edition cracked Pitch/modulation joystick. New software functions: Edit Parts functions (L+R Mode, Portamento, Legato), Multi-Pedal Mode, new Play List function, and much more With the exceptional styles, rhythms, sounds and features of the exclusive Genesys Pro S MidEast, you will discover the fascinating world of Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean music. More details: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Recordable CD The Genesys Pro S MidEast includes an onboard CD Player and CD Recorder, making it easy to create, record, and assemble multiple audio files for full musical CD recordings (CD tracks, WAV or MP3 files) as well as MIDI files. You can even copy data directly from any CD to the instrument's internal hard disk.

To record your own CD (music/vocal tracks), simply insert a blank CD/R or CD/RW and press the MAKE CD button. You can save a vast quantity of data onto a blank CD, eliminating the laborious procedure of backing up to floppy disks. As a CD reader, the internal drive is compatible with all the most popular formats - Akai®, Kurzweil®, wav, smp, and snd - for unlimited flexibility. Over 250 Sound Presets for maximum authenticity 256 Factory Sound Presets arranged into 16 different Sound Families make the Genesys Pro S MidEast a world-class arranger workstation. Within Sound Families you will find every conceivable type of sound including our unique Real Sounds. Real Sounds were created with total realism in mind, by creating and sampling the specific characteristic effects of a variety of instruments. This includes natural vibrato and mechanical sounds plus typical dynamic and ambient effects for each instrument.