Flashing Software For Nokia Phones

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How to Flash your Nokia device via Phoenix USB Dead Flashing (links updated) Flashing your phone is not an easy thing for an average mobile user. The program is basically a wizard which provides a step-by-step guide and tool for flashing your phone. It is optimized for phones with a MediaTek chipset. Users running this software must find the scatter-loading file, certification and the files from Nand Util for the process to work.

UPDATE – Please note that the new updated post on this topic is (explaining the use of Phoenix in “Dead phone USB mode”). So if following method does not work for you, please refer to the new tutorial. This post describes normal phone flashing when the phone is ON (in working condition). WARNING: Phone flashing is a double-edged sword; it may be useful and risky at the same time.

It may brick your phone for good if not done carefully. So better DO NOT use this method if you don’t know exactly what are you doing. Also backup your phone data (if it is important to you) before flashing as everything will be deleted during the process.

I am not responsible if anything goes wrong! In this post I will explain the use of Phoenix Service Software to flash Nokia mobiles (normal flashing when the phone is in working condition). Flashing means re-installing phone’s firmware (OS – Operating System) to solve software related issues. There are many situations when it becomes necessary to flash a phone for example when format/hard reset is not working, phone is dead/bricked, in boot-loop, stuck at boot white screen or at Nokia logo etc. Besides, flashing can also be used to update phone’s software to latest (or any available) version or to flash a custom firmware.

So if you have any of the above issues, here goes the process, carefully follow the instructions described below – Requirements • Phoenix Service Software • A computer running Windows XP or later • Phone’s stock ROM (official firmware) files • USB data cable (preferably the original one which came bundled with the phone) Some steps prior to flashing the phone • First up remove memory card from the phone before (and during) flashing it. It is recommended to format memory card via computer (or via mobile) as older apps installed in it may not work when it will be used in the flashed mobile again. You will have to re-install all the apps again as flashing will format the phone memory (and mass memory present in newer Symbian phones like Nokia N8) • Note down the product type code of your phone – every Nokia phone has a specific Type code in the format RM-XXX, for example it is RM-596 for Nokia N8. It is usually printed at the sticker below battery or at the phone box. It is also displayed by the phone if you type *#0000# at the standby screen. Flashing Nokia phones using Phoenix (Normal mode) 1.

Download and install Phoenix Service Software in your computer running Windows XP or later (refer to for download link) or search Google. Silent hill homecoming pc download. Remember to disable Antivirus/firewall software in your computer before installing (and during the use of) Phoenix because these softwares will interfere in installation and proper functioning of Phoenix.

Download Navifirm Plus from. Navifirm is a free software, used to download official firmware files from Nokia servers. Update – Navifirm is not working now, refer to for it’s alternative. Now go to “ C: Program Files (x86) Nokia Phoenix Products” and create a new folder in the last folder (“Products”) of the above path with the name RM-xxx(which is your phone type code that you noted earlier, replace “xxx” with your phones actual code numbers, for example it will be RM-596 for N8). Now paste the downloaded files in this newly created folder “ C: Program Files (x86) Nokia Phoenix Products RM-xxx″. It is necessary as Phoenix will look for the files in the above folder when flashing the phone.