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I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit on an Intel HP Pavilion dv6. I have a PNY 16 GB USB drive that is now useless because it has somehow become 'read only'. Did this happen with bitlocker? I did not knowingly run bitlocker, and when I type it in the serch bar it doesn't find it, so my version may not even have bitlocker? I've read all the other similar questions and tried what they said. So far I have added: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control StorageDevicePolicies registry key and the DWORD WriteProtect with a value of 0 and rebooted.

I have set permissions to full control for this disk, I have used DISKPART to Clear the readonly Attribute, then rebooted but nothing has worked. When I use DISKPART to list the attributes for this disk, it says: Current Read-Only State: YES Read-Only: NO So I guess the Read-Only attribute was cleared, but it is still in a read-only state. How do I change the state?

How do I prevent this from happening again? Someone said they took the disk offline and then back online and that cleared the read-only state, but when I tried to take it offline, I get a virtual disk service error: 'The operation is not supported on removble media.' Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Gary, 'The disk will be in a read-only state if its read-only attribute is set. However, a disk can be in a read-only state even if its read-only attribute is not set, if the underlying hardware is read-only.

Al brooks trading price action reversals pdf creator. For example, if the LUN is in read-only state, or if the disk is a virtual hard disk that resides on a volume that is read-only, the underlying hardware is read-only, and therefore the disk is in a read-only state.' You cannot change the state of disk using diskpart or, windows tools.

Like in case of USB disk if it is locked nothing can be done. You need to contact PNY for this help. We cannot help you here. Regards Satish. Not sure if this helps but maybe it mught jog someones mind for an answer. This happened to mewhile using a USB SD card reader.

Flash Usb Repair V2 9 1 1 Zipped

I created a kubuntu install stick with Universal USB Installer all went well Win 8 When I went to add more files Ubuntu 12.10 to my 8 gig class 10 sd card it came up read only. Went back to Win 8 same thing read only. Looked for regedit lines from on solution my reg had no entry. Checked my lock switch and moved it from the position it was allways in to the other position and TADA. Added files went to Ubuntu 12.10 and added files. Here is where it gets stranger. I decide to install Kubuntu 12.4.1 so I go to format drive to recreate a install stick with Kubuntu 12.4.1.

I try Universal USB Installer with erase disk checked. No go read only again. Try to format Win 8 and no go.

Try to format gpart no go. Back to Win 8 change advanced sharing and add my user and select full access for it and the everyone user.

Try to format and TADA! It wipes and I create a Kubuntu 12.4.1 install stick. I install Kubuntu and decide I need a few more files from Win 7 Laptop and no go READ ONLY! Try everything above again and no go.

Frustrated ~~ I removed the SD card and plugged it in the Win 7 Laptop card reader slot and it was a normal working normal and has ever since. If I put it in the USB unit it still comes up Read only. Hope this Helps Arntech1331 Blue Marble It's where we Live! Arntech1331, Your comment helped me out a lot! I had tried just about everything with an SD card I've kept inside a USB stick that worked fine then magically went read only. The switch was still in the unlocked position.

I'd toggled it back and forth but not actually tried to write to it with the switch in the 'locked' postion. After reading your post I decided 'what the heck.' Formatted perfectly with the switch set to 'locked'. Somehow the card is now operating exactly opposite to what the switch is set to. I had this problem too on a drive that does not have a write protection switch I tried many things (RegEdit, DiskPart, using GParted under Linux etc.) without any luck.