Ferguson Ariva 150 Combo Firmware Patch

Ferguson Ariva 150 Combo Firmware Patch Rating: 4,9/5 9356 votes

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Ferguson Ariva; Ferguson Ariva 150 combo help?? Called A150Combo_20120926_V1.20B1_patch.abs Copy that file to a usb drive insert in receiver and go to upgrade.

Hi, I have a ferguson ariva 120 combo, i tried to update it with firmware from ferguson website, but i used wrong firmware, now my box is dead, nothing being displayed on the screen. I tried to use eprom upgrade software and later ferguson ariva 120 combo software from ferguson website, i run the software and then enter the file and select next, i then turn receiver off, but it reports stb memory error must of tried this a 1000 times, I have tried everything from all the forums and every time it reports this error.

Tried new and old firmware, no lights on the box at all but com port connects to report memory error. Worst case scenario can this receiver be jtag had to do this before absolute pain in the next but other than that i fear receiver is dead. Bought from satsklep. Any help Kind Regards Fergald. Start with the receiver off then turn it on when you start the software using the switch on the back Yes I noticed that too.

Wrong sequence. You dont turn the box off ever during a flash. It reboots itself from memory. You dont have to JTAG these, they have a protection device built in - Serial Boot rom loader onboard. Unless it is one of the dodgy batch that Satsklep and Satworld had around Christmas - if thats the case then return it. I wouldnt be admitting to flashing the wrong firmware to it though.

Adiz razhabovning nikoh tuji. Uncheck bootloader option when flashing. Use the ALI tool and software flash. This has worked for many that have PM'd me. Too much flashing of boxes going on.

Hi, I had the same problem with a Ferguson Ariva 120HD box, I turned it on recently and 'ASH' was on the led display - nothing on screen. I pressed a few buttons, tried the remote and nothing happned. Turned it on and off from the back and then there were random segements of the led display on, then eventually the display went totally dead. I used a null modem cable and the 'STB EPROM Upgrade 2.0.0c' program to attempt to re-flash the boot-loader and firmware but it failed numerous times. Never got past the initialisation and to the point of downloading to the box. I got a 'STB memory error' or something very similar. I must have tried about 30-50 times before it eventuall progressed a bit further and downloaded the firmware to the box.

Then the next failure, at the 'Burning Image' stage. It either failed straight away with a 'flashing is failed' error or the progress bar would move pretty slowly to somewhere between 15-30% before failing. Eventually it flashed sucessfully (after another 20-30 tries) and the box restarted.

'On' appeared on the LED display. But after another few seconds the dreaded 'ASH' appeared again. Nearly threw it out the window. After another 10-15 attempts at flashing I has another sucessful flash and it seemed to be working, channel scans etc seem to be working fine now and 24 hrs later the box is still working. I suspect the my box may have a dodgy EEPROM or something, I'll keep an eye on it and let you know how it goes over the next few days/weeks. So my advice for anyone with the 'ASH' problem or a completly dead box is to use an RS232 Flash utility, latest official f/w (2.17B3) and try & try (& try x50) again until the flash works!

Ferguson Ariva 150 Combo Firmware Patch

Very happy with the features and functionality of the box otherwise. I had been using the patched f/w but flashed the original f/w.

One Device to Suit All Your TV Needs Ferguson Ariva 153 Combo is a very popular STB Box in Ireland and offers acces to satellite Television in DVB-S/S2 standards, cable TV in DVB-C standard and also SaorView TV in DVB-T standard. The decoder is compatible with the DVB-T2 standard, which offers better quality on many programs. The device, which is equipped with two satellite heads, allows for simultaneous viewing and recording two different channels in the same time. Bulid in two USB port, you can play you record from external disk your favorite serials, music, videos and photos. You can use multiroom feature which allows you to simultaneously watch different channels in two rooms. Ariva 153 Combo also offers access to popular on-line services such as YouTube, YouPorn, DailyMotion, RSS, Weather, Google Maps and many others services.