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If you want to create a surround soundtrack for your DVD while avoiding the limitations of Dolby AC3 audio, DTS’s clever High Resolution format has a lot to offer. The DVD–Video format requires that audio be supplied as either an AC3 Dolby Digital stream or a PCM stereo audio stream. However, if disc space is available, there is also the option to add a second stream in a format called DTS. Like AC3, the DTS format is data–compressed, but it has the potential to offer much higher sound quality. The DTS format is very clever. The basic Core Stream can support (compressed) data rates of up to 1.509Mbps with a sample rate of up to 48kHz.

However, DTS have also designed extensions to deliver extra levels of quality. These are DTS–ES, which offers 6.1 by adding a centre surround channel, and DTS 96/24k, which is still 5.1 but with a maximum sample rate of 96kHz. The introduction of high–definition DVD formats such as Blu–ray and DVD–HD means there is space for even higher–quality audio options, and so DTS have added two further extension options to their format. The first is DTS–HD High Resolution Audio, which offers up to 7.1 surround, with sample rates up to 96kHz and an improved data rate of up to 3.018Mbps on the HD DVD format and up to 5.769Mbps on the Blu–ray format. The second HD extension is DTS–HD Master Audio.

This employs lossless compression (ie. No audio data is thrown away!) to play back up to 7.1 channels with sample rates up to 96kHz, or up to 5.1 channels with sample rates up to 192kHz. This uses a stream of up to 18Mbps for the HD DVD format or up to 24.4Mbps on the Blu–ray format. Cleverly, the extra layers, or extensions as DTS call them, do not duplicate any information in the Core Stream.

The HD encoder takes the Core Stream, compares it with the uncompressed input, and produces a ‘difference’ signal made up of the information that was thrown away by the lossy compression. The DTS–HD decoder then takes the lossy Core Stream and the HD Master Audio stream, and combines them into an output that is identical to the original uncompressed studio output. This technique has been brilliantly engineered to guarantee backwards compatibility, because the Core Stream is still playable on old decoders.

For example, if an end user has a Blu–ray drive in a Sony Playstation 3 but hasn’t bought a new audio receiver with the new decoders in it, he or she can still view the HD content using an HDMI connection to their high–definition screen, while taking the digital audio stream from the Playstation 3 and decoding the 1.509Mbps Core Stream to get 5.1 surround audio at 48kHz. In this review we’re looking at a suite of software that allows you to work with DTS and DTS–HD format audio in your computer. There are three components to this suite: DTS Encoder, DTS StreamTools and DTS StreamPlayer.

This last replaces Neyrinck’s Soundcode DTS StreamPlayer plug–in, which was bundled with older versions and is still available from Neyrinck themselves (see ‘Soundcode DTS StreamPlayer’ box). The current version 1.5 runs on Windows XP and on Intel Macs only; my tests were done with v1.1 on a Power PC Mac. The Encoder software is very intuitive to use. You can set the Destination Format (Blu–ray, HD DVD or DVD) from a drop–down menu to suit the various formats, along with the desired format for the stream.