Drocevich Semj Podruzhek

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State Road 6 Bus [ ] There are buses that can take you anywhere in and other surrounding countries. Train [ ] There is no train line in Peshkopi but the nearest station is in. Still there are no Trains active in.

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Highways [ ] The main road the will take you to Peshkopi is the SH6 (State Road 6). In the upcoming years the will be complete. This highway will link, with, and will connect with SH6. Notable people [ ] • - Academic • - bayraktar of Dibra • - Politician • - nationalist figure • - 2003 • - footballer • - footballer • - WWII fighter References [ ].

A famous Rabinovich is an archetypal. He is a crafty, cynical, sometimes bitter type, skeptical about the Soviet government, and often too smart for his own good. He is sometimes portrayed as an ('refusenik'): someone who is refused permission to emigrate to Israel. • Rabinovich fills out a job application form. The official is skeptical: 'You stated that you don't have any relatives abroad, but you do have a brother in.'

/ 'Yes, but he isn't abroad, I am abroad!' • Seeing a pompous and lavish burial of a member of the, Rabinovich sadly shakes his head: 'What a waste! With this kind of money, I could have buried the entire Politburo!'

• Rabinovich calls headquarters, speaking with a characteristic accent: 'Tell me, is it true that Jews sold out Russia?' / 'Yes, of course it's true, -!' Could you please tell me where I should go to get my share?' This following example explains 's remark about 'Comrade Wolf', describing the policies of the United States, that many non-Russians found cryptic.

• Rabinovich is walking through the forest with a sheep, when both of them stumble into a pit. A few minutes later, a wolf also falls into the pit. The sheep gets nervous and starts bleating. Extreme 'What's with all the baaahh, baaahh?' Rabinovich asks.

'Comrade Wolf knows whom to eat.' [ ] Vovochka [ ] Vovochka is the Russian equivalent of '. He interacts with his school teacher, Maria Ivanovna (shortened to 'Marivanna', a stereotypical female teacher's name). 'Vovochka' is a diminutive form of 'Vova', which in turn is a shortened version of 'Vladimir', creating the 'little boy' effect.

His fellow students bear similarly diminutive names. This 'little boy' name is used in contrast with Vovochka's wisecracking, adult, often obscene statements. • In biology class, the teacher draws a cucumber on the blackboard: 'Children, could someone tell me what is this?' / Vovochka raises his hand: 'It's a dick, Marivanna!' The teacher bursts into tears and runs out.

/ Shortly, the rushes in: 'All right, what did you do now? Which one of you brought Maria Ivanovna to tears? And who the hell drew that dick on the blackboard?' • The teacher asks the class to produce a word that starts with the letter 'A': Vovochka happily raises his hand and says 'Arse!' (' in the original)/ The teacher, shocked, responds 'For shame! There's no such word!'

/ 'That's strange,' says Vovochka thoughtfully, 'the arse exists, but the word doesn't!' Vasily Ivanovich [ ]. Are depicted as rustic, stingy, and inordinately fond of salted (pork back fat); their accent, which is imitated in jokes, is perceived as funny. • A Ukrainian tourist is questioned at international: 'Are you carrying any or?' / 'What are drugs?' / 'They make you get.'

/ 'Yes, salo.' / 'But salo is not a drug.' / 'When I eat salo, I get high!' • A Ukrainian is asked: 'Can you eat a kilo of apples?' / 'Yes, I can.' / 'Can you eat two kilos of apples?' / 'And five kilos?'

/ 'Can you eat 100 kilos?!' / 'What I cannot eat, I will nibble!' • A Ukrainian and an African student live together in a room.

Drocevich Semj Podruzhek

The African is poor and hungry, but the Ukrainian has received a food package from parents. So he takes out a can of borscht, a big loaf of bread with butter, a big piece of salo, onion, a bottle of gorilka (vodka) and begins to eat.

The African looks at him jealously. The Ukrainian asks: 'Are you hungry?' / 'Yes, very hungry!'

/ 'Sorry, I have no bananas.' Ukrainians are perceived to bear a grudge against Russians (derided as by Ukrainians): • The Soviet Union has launched the first man into space. A shepherd, standing on top of a hill, shouts over to another shepherd on another hill to tell him the news. / 'The moskali have flown to space!'