Dopolniteljnie Kampanii Dlya Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Ot Blizzard

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Patch 1.30.3 and 1.30.4 PTR Updates With the passing of the holidays, Blizzard is back to work on releasing patches for Warcraft 3. It looks like we're starting 2019 strong with Patch 1.30.3 release the first week of January and Patch 1.30.4 now released to the PTR. These patches include a list of balance changes and a few bugfixes. Affected by the balance changes are the Keeper of the Grove's Entrangling Roots, Alchemist's Acid Bomb, Glaive Thrower's Vorpal Glaives, Defend, and Mountain Giant. You can find the complete posts for. Happy holidays everyone! The Hive team hopes you have a good holiday season.


As the end of the year nears, we wanted to look back and reflect on the great year that's been had. Patch 1.30.2 is LIVE Welcome new and returning players! 1.30.2 is live on Most of the patch notes have been detailed before in the previous PTR posts, but everything is live is now compiled in one place.

Feb 24, 2019  Warcraft 3 and frozen throne should be accessible if you buy remaster said grubby and on november 6 which wasn’t eventually. So now i can’t even but warcraft 3 great I am fed up with blizzard, i don’t have mood for this anymore.

This patch as most of you know completely overhauls the hosting system. Bots are no more at the trade of everyone being able to host with ease without opening the infamous 6112 port. Players can also filter and search for games in the client now.

Also note that there are issues with custom game lobbies crashing. The developers have stated that they are aware of the issue and are working on a. Patch 1.30.2 PTR Update #3 #4 and #5 As the whispers of Reforged continue to sweep across Azeroth, more additions to the new hosting system have been added to the current game on the Public Testing Realm. It includes various bug fixes, a few hero and race balance changes, and more host/player commands akin to some provided by bots. This should help with both host and lobby commands along with furthering personal player control of their social experiences.

See to all the changes on the official Blizzard post. As always, please test the game on the PTR and provide your feedback. ------ In addition, there was a known bug for Reforged pre-orders not including the game. Blizzard confirmed that you'll be able to get the original game as part of the Reforged pre-order on December 1, as stated. ----- 4th PTR Update More bug fixes for 1.30.2.

Those who pre-ordered Reforged can also now play on the PTR! ---- 5th PTR Update More bug fixes and addressing desyncs.